Watch those crosswalks!

July 03, 2001 11:00 pm

By The Observer

As a driver, it probably isnt worth the few seconds saved to try and beat that pedestrian through a crosswalk.

In fact, it could cost more than time.

The La Grande police will use a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation to crack down on drivers who dont yield the right-of-way to those on foot.

During July and August, the police will be conducting decoy operations at several

La Grande intersections.

Officers in plain clothes will act as pedestrians. If drivers dont yield, they will be pulled over by another officer nearby and could face a $175 ticket.

La Grande Police Sgt. Phil Myer notes that drivers will have plenty of warning that the operation is going on. Signs will be posted in the areas where the decoys are


While the police are trying to educate and alert motorists, specific dates and locations for the decoy operations arent being posted.

Myer lists two main reasons for the safety program. The first is to raise driver awareness regarding pedestrians rights of way. The second is to reduce the number of pedestrian complaints.

If both drivers and pedestrians are alert for the situations, the ultimate end is that we reduce collisions, injuries and economic losses associated with auto-pedestrian crashes, Myer said.

For more information about the targeted pedestrian operation, call Sgt. Phil Myer at the police department, 963-1017.