March 07, 2001 11:00 pm

How about a

trip to Corvallis?

Anyone who might be thinking about a getaway weekend this week might want to consider making their way to Corvallis Friday. The La Grande High School girls basketball team could be playing for the state championship at Gill Coliseum that night. The Lady Tigers could use all the fan support they can get.

Of course, the girls have to the final game first. But they have as good a chance as any of the four remaining teams. They will play in the semifinals tonight at 8 against Madras, with the winner advancing to Fridays championship at 7 p.m. (If they lose tonight, the Tigers play for third place at 4 p.m. Friday.)

The Tigers came up with the biggest upset of the tournament Wednesday morning when they beat top-ranked Marist. Nobody gave La Grande much of a chance against a team that had dominated opponents all year and had lost only one game. But the Tigers won going away.

Hopefully Wednesdays win convinced more local folks to hit the road and support the team in tonights game. Fan support is important, especially when playing so far from home and in such a big gymnasium.

WIN OR LOSE tonight, you can bet the players would appreciate a good turnout Friday. What a pleasant surprise it would be for them to see a throng of La Grande fans in the stands.

They are still a win away from getting to the championship. But its not too soon to start packing our bags. Go Tigers!

A special plate

Anyone who has ever visited Oregons only national park knows what a special place it is. Viewing North Americas deepest lake creates an indelible impression. So it makes sense that Oregon should issue a special license plate that would commemorate the 100th anniversary of Crater Lake National Park.

Sen. Jason Atkinson, R-Jacksonville, has proposed a bill that would make the specialty plate available for $20 per vehicle through 2004. Proceeds, estimated at $1 million, would go toward enhancements at the lake.

The bill has been heard in the Senate Transportation Committee and will go before Ways and Means in the next few weeks. The concept is worthy of support.

President Teddy Roosevelt signed a bill creating Crater Lake National Park on May 22, 1902. It would be fitting, almost 100 years later, to do something that would help provide for the enhancement of one of Oregons shining jewels.

Creating a specialty license plate allows people to voluntarily contribute to a special cause. The Oregon Trail plates raised $2.5 million. The Oregon Salmon plates raised $900,000. A Crater Lake plate could generate the funds for enhancements long overdue.