July 08, 2001 11:00 pm

By The Observer

Scoring was no problem at the District 3 Girls Little League Minors Softball Tournament over the weekend.

Eight times 20 runs were scored, with two games totalling 60-plus runs.

La Grandes all-stars were involved in two of the frantic contests played at Pioneer Park.

On Sunday in the championship round, Pendleton beat La Grande in a 43-17 affair that lasted nearly four hours.

Pendleton scored 11 runs in the first inning, 10 in the third and 16 in the fourth. The win put Pendleton into the championship semifinal contest with Union County at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

La Grande rallied past Pilot Rock 35-32 in Saturdays opening round after digging itself into a 14-6 first-inning deficit.

Heather Wimer had three hits to lead La Grande. Alyssa Johnson and Johanna Petty added two each.

Union County went 2-0 by overcoming a 9-0 deficit Saturday to beat Milton-Freewater, 29-18.

Mariah Murchison picked up the win in the circle for Union, which switched pitchers in the first inning after issuing 12 straight walks.

Murchison held Milton-Freewater to nine runs in the final four innings while scoring ten in the third and 11 in the fifth for the win.

Boo Christman had four hits for Union. Shanna Riomondo, Kiley Dewey, Tara Ludwig and Jessica Reynolds had three apiece.

Union erased an early 4-3 deficit to beat Baker City 11-9 Sunday.

Christman and Ludwig led Union with two hits each.

Wallowa Valley stayed alive in consolation action with a 24-8 Sunday victory over Milton-Freewater.

Wallowa tallied 24 hits en route to eliminating Milton-Freewater from the tournament with four each from Tonya Neil and Ashley Graning.

On Saturday, Baker beat Wallowa 13-6 behind a six-run sixth inning.

Graning had three hits against Baker.

In other action, Pendleton beat Triangle of Athena 20-9 Saturday in the opening round. On Sunday, Triangle eliminated Pilot Rock, 25-20.

Sundays games

Pendleton (11)6(10) (16) 43 16 x

La Grande 108 8 17 6 x

Lloyd and Smith; Pettey, Swindlehurst (3) and Miller, Jenkins (4).

Pendleton hits Lloyd 3, Northern 3, Smith 3, Henshaw 2, Alger, Oles, Pahl, Treloar, Lovell. 2B Northern, Smith. 3B Alger.

La Grande hits Stanton, Miller, Jenkins, Tandy, Pettey, Wimer.

Milton-Freewater 502 1 8 6 x

Wallowa Valley 9(11)4 x 24 24 x

Van Ocker and Brumbach; Schaefer and Foster.

MF hits LeFore 3, Van Ocker 2, Frank.

Wallowa hits Neil 4, Graning 4, Schaefer 3, Foster 3, Soward 3, Burgess 2, Averbeck 2, Micka 2, Warnock. 2B Graning 3, Neil, Soward, Averbeck, Foster, Schaefer. 3B Graning.

Union County 003 620 11 7 x

Baker City 022 032 9 5 x

Christman and Reynolds; Vaughan, Daly (4) and Talbott.

Union County hits Christman 2, Ludwig 2, Reynolds, A.Bowers, Campbell.

Baker hits Collard 2, Defrees, Talbott, Vaughan.

Triangle (Athena) 3(10)3 45 25 14 x

Pilot Rock 271 64 20 8 x

Hassenbank and Fellows; Snivley, Edgerly (3) and Torgeson.

Triangle hits N.Griggs 4, Fellows 3, Olsen 3, McKague, Edgmand, Sampson, Terjeson. 2B N.Griggs, Fellows, McKague, Terjeson.

Pilot Rock hits Winnett 3, Edgerly, Britain, Snivley, McCall, Torgeson. 2B Winnett 2, Britain.

Saturdays games

La Grande 629 486 35 13 x

Pilot Rock (14)65 241 32 18 x

Jenkins, Shaw (2), Powers (5) and Miller, Johnson (3); McCall, Mulcare (5) and Mulcare.

La Grande hits Wimer 3, Petty 2, Johnson 2, Denny, Stanton, Shaw, Jenkins, Swindlehurst, Powers.

Pilot Rock hits Torgeson 4, Mulcare 3, Edgerly 3, McCall 3, Winnett 2, Doherty 2, Schademan. 2B Edgerly.

Pendleton 038 027 20 8 x

Triangle (Athena) 110 340 9 4 x

Treloar and Smith; Griggs and Fellows.

Pendleton hits Smith 2, Pahl 2, Oles, Engblom, Van Epps, Henshaw.

Triangle hits Griggs, Hassenbank, McKague, Edgmand. 2B Griggs.

Milton-Freewater 902 43 18 6 x

Union County 34(10) 1(11) 29 23 x

Milton-Freewater battery unavailable; Riomondo, Murchison (1) and Reynolds.

MF hits Frank 3, Hall, Potts, Brumbach.

Union County Christman 4, Riomondo 3, Reynolds 3, Dewey 3, Ludwig 3, Campbell 2, S.Bowers 2, Murchison, Brudevold, A.Bowers.

Baker City 304 006 13 8 x

Wallowa Valley 211 002 6 5 x

Wilson and Talbott; Micka and Schaefer.

Baker hits Talbott 3, Wilson 2, Vaughn, Defrees, Collard. 2B Collard. 3B Talbott, Wilson. HR Talbott.

Wallowa hits Graning 3, Neil, Micka. 2B Graning.