July 08, 2001 11:00 pm

The Fireworks Action Committee put on a grand show for the communitys Fourth of July celebration Wednesday. The organization of the event, the music and a bigger fireworks display prove what can be accomplished when a few civic-minded volunteers put their hearts and minds together on behalf of the community.

The committee added some new components to the show this year a kiddie parade, new games, more music and a professional sound system. All contributed to a successful show and helped keep the fireworks committee on pace toward its goal of a bigger and better event every year.

About the only thing that didnt go according to plan was expanding the hours of the show. Although entertainment started at 5 p.m., people didnt start arriving en masse until after 7 p.m., which has proven to be the case year in and year out. Still, the enhancements were noticeable, none the least of which was the expanded fireworks display. Tom Carroll and friends did themselves and the community proud for the fireworks and the music that accompanied them.

Of course, none of what transpired at Community Stadium on the Fourth of July would have been possible if not for the generosity of local businesses, families and individuals. From large to small, donations make the celebration possible.

With more fireworks, more music and a sound system, the cost of this years show was about $3,000 higher than last years. A carryover from last year gave the committee the confidence to aim higher. Between the carryover and money raised this year, the shows expenses are covered. But the committee does need seed money for next year.

If you saw the show and liked it, consider donating to the cause to help build for next year. Any amount is welcome. Donations can be sent to the Fireworks Action Committee at P.O. Box 3170, La Grande 97850.

Lets give a hand to the Fireworks Action Committee. And lets all do what we can to make sure they have the resources to put on the kind of show they love to provide and that they believe the community deserves.


Personal fireworks provide a lot of excitement, but after seeing the number of fires Roman candles and bottle rockets caused in the state of Washington on the Fourth, its no wonder Oregon has the fireworks laws that it does. Some fireworks are just too dangerous for public use.

Washington reported several wildfires and house fires Wednesday that were the result of personal fireworks. That states laws arent nearly as stringent as Oregons, and some properties paid the price.

The fireworks that are for sale for personal use in Oregon might seem mundane compared to those available in other states, but theres a reason for the more restrictive laws.