July 17, 2001 11:00 pm

A good day for a parade

To the Editor:

I spent the Fourth of July at Imbler, of course, and as always the parade was wonderful larger than usual, I believe.

La Grande, Island City, Imbler and Elgin were all represented by their fire departments.

This year the VFW had a World War II weapons carrier in the parade carrying the flag. Thanks, fellow vets, it was appreciated.

Imbler Christian Church and Summerville Baptist Church had a good, God-honoring presence in the parade.

Many youngsters walking, riding bicycles and little, toy, John Deere tractors made the parade a joy to watch.

Thanks to the motorcycle people who were in the parade with small flags flying from their machines.

Then there were the old cars. What a beautiful contribution to the parade.

They were all spit and polish and one was a 1906 Ford, the gentleman driving it told me. They were all such a great addition to the parade.

And of course, there was the Imbler Christian Churchs free picnic, free hotdogs, chips and home-made cookies. How very generous. I intended to go have one cookie but there were four different kinds, so not wanting to offend, I had one of each.

It was a great parade and outing. Thanks to all who had a part.

Roy Hills

Island City

A fox in the henhouse

To the Editor:

Two times in the past week, the writer of the editorial in The Observer has again provided proof of the liberal bias in the media.

The first time was when the editorial praised the state Democratic representatives on their cowardice and severe misuse of their elected positions.

They ran and hid when they didnt get their way on a mandated re-districting plan.

The constitutionally correct proposal was put forward by the Republican majority, as a way to bypass the attempt of Gov. Kitzhaber to redistrict Oregon to his and the Democrats liking.

I really believe that if the Republican lawmakers had done such a dastardly deed, the cries from the editor would have been How Dare They or Mean Spirited Politics.

Secondly, the editor praises Secretary of State Bill Bradbury on his trustworthiness in drawing up the new redistricting plan.

He is lauded as a man of his word and able to work with lawmakers and the public in creating the new plan.

Does the fact that Mr. Bradbury is a Democrat, and an aspirant to higher office, bother anyone else but me?

We have been told, for years, to trust Democratic Gov. Kitzhaber and now we are told to trust his hand-picked Secretary of State.

I smell a fox in the henhouse and Im not surprised at the obvious forced-feeding of this debacle to the good people of Oregon.

Does the editor of the Observer have his thumb on the pulse of the community and state?

No, is the answer.

Daniel Pokorney

La Grande

It was a different person

To the Editor:

Hi, La Grande. Just a quick note: my name is Keith Walker and I have served your community this year as president of Little League.

I am writing to let you know there was an issue in the record portion of The Observer a while back citing a Keith Walker for a fourth-degree assault charge, for which I have received several letters and phone calls.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to assure all of the community that it was not this particular Keith Walker that was involved.

Im sorry to those who may have been upset by this and certainly appreciate your concern.

We all need to be concerned with who is hanging out with our kids.

Keith Walker

La Grande

There were other heroes, too

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to your article about our local hero.

I have to say that yes he was a hero, but he wasnt the only hero that day. There were two other heroes that day!

So I feel he shouldnt get all the credit for saving that young mans life.

Yes, I know he said there was someone else that helped with chest compressions. That someone else has a name and her name is Jennifer Dockweiler.

Yes, I said there was one more hero. She cleared Mr. Lunds mouth and she was the one who went over to see if he was OK and his team mates said he was having a seizure so she turned him over to see if he was OK. She noticed that he was not breathing. If it wasnt for her Mr. Lund would have died that day.

Her name is Jessica Alwine. So I think that before the story is published the story needs to be accurate.

We have three heroes and we as a community need to acknowledge all three of our heroes and give all three equal credit for their heroic act!

So, thank you, for being such wonderful and caring citizens, Jennifer Dockweiler, Jessica Alwine and Jessie Watson.

The reason I know this is because I was there and saw all this happen. It was very scary. I have to give these three people a lot of credit for doing what they did.

They were very brave. They were the ones who stepped up and helped save a young mans life. This young man was very lucky to have had these three people, these three angels there on that field that day.

So they all deserve medals, not just one of them. He did not act alone! These two young women work at Fleetwood.

Pamela Scott

La Grande