January 11, 2005 11:00 pm

Support area's efforts

To the Editor:

Fellow Oregonians, please stop griping, complaining and finding fault with things we cannot change.

Please use your positive strength and energy here in Eastern Oregon to change things we can change to make our lives and the lives of our children better.

Please do what you can to stop the rape of our area by the Wal-Mart bully. Look around to see the damage they have done, are doing and want to do.

There are many good programs that need our support: relief from domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, relief of hunger and senior neglect.

Please use your strength and energy to support work in these areas as well as other areas where help is needed. Look out for one another, and build up one another.

Lois Henderson



Take stand for change

To the Editor:

Shortly before Union's November election I referred to it as judgment day for Union's power structure. And judgment day it was, proving those who aver you can't fight city hall are living in a dream world.

Good people can make changes when they stand to fight against evil, and we proved it big time.

Similarly, it follows that we can contest the iniquities of our liberal national administration and milktoast Congress.

They've orchestrated movements to enforce policies inimical to the will and welfare of middle-Americans who haven't a clue how the liberals of both parties plan to reduce our great nation to Third World status through the trade agreements that have outsourced American industries and welcomed illegal aliens while overloading our schools, welfare systems, jails and hospitals, forcing many of the latter into bankruptcy and closure.

Why does our president, who has the responsibility to protect us, abet Mexico's invading illegal alien army while accepting bogus Mexican ID cards? Is it a planned move to integrate Mexico and the U.S.? Consider ceding control or our oceans to the U.N.? To give mineral-rich American islands above Alaska to Russia?

Currently we are very close to becoming a U.N.-controlled state. Why, when only 50 years ago we were the richest, most industrial nation on earth, are we now verging on national bankruptcy?

There is something very rotten in Washington's woodpile, and it's time to do nationally what we did locally in Union.

Jim Bovard



Pays to be thorough

To the Editor:

Elections are about differences — real, exaggerated and imagined. By the time an election is finished most of us can't help but accumulate some unrealistic hopes and fears along party lines.

And even though it is a good thing that we explore differences so thoroughly, after it is over it is good if we can recover some perspective that helps us move forward.

I can't think of two more polarizing recent presidents than Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. And yet both won election by wide margins and with significant crossover votes.

They both understood that to influence anyone in the opposition you will have to have done your homework well enough to articulate their concerns as well or better than they can. If someone is going to talk you out of your fears they must first demonstrate they understand them.

If they are to lead you into uncharted territory they must impress you with the scope of their research and perspective.

Reagan and Clinton had important things to communicate. Because they were willing to do whatever it took to be the most broadly informed person in the room, people listened more than they reacted.

Clinton and Reagan were political problem solvers. Reagan spent decades sinking his teeth into the dynamics of the Cold War. Clinton walked into the Forest Summit and in short order was the most articulate person in the room, both for the timber and the environmental interests.

It pays to be thorough. As Democrats and Republicans look to the future and hope for another Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan, let's hope they see this similarity that was behind their successes. It is not just a lesson for leaders.

David Waln



Support action in Iraq

To the Editor:

I would like to rebut Mr. Oberteuffer's letter. I have read Mr. Oberteuffer's letters in The Observer over the years, and most of them show me that he is against everything. Is there anything positive that he supports?

I was in Vietnam when John Kerry made his visit to North Vietnam. That visit caused many hardships for us military people who were there. Mr. Kerry is nothing but a traitor in the same category as Jane Fonda. I have no respect for him.

I thank God that Kerry was not elected president. If he had been this country would be in a terrible shape.

I do not agree with every policy of our president, but I sure support him in going into Iraq.

There are more people killed in auto accidents on our highways than all those who have sacrificed their lives in Iraq for a cause. Mr. Oberteuffer should get on his soap box and write against accidents. Find a good cause to support.

I do not like to see anyone killed — whether it is on the highway or in a war. The soldiers are doing their job, saving this nation from a possible new attack. They could be saving Mr. Oberteuffer, too.

If you would only look and listen to what any returning military person from Iraq has to say about the war, you would have your eyes opened. You would find out about all the good things our soldiers and Marines have done and are doing for Iraq.

Mr. Oberteuffer should listen to some of the talk show hosts on the radio instead of the liberal networks. He might learn something.

Victor R. Posvar

La Grande


Severance package unwarranted

To the Editor:

I cannot believe what I read on the front page of The Observer: "County Proposes $50,000 Severance Package for Former Undersheriff Wright."

Why would they pay anything to Wright? He lost the election, and by an extremely large margin. He promised that if he won he would eliminate that position. Maybe they should pay some of the others that lost elections in the past. They served long and well for the citizens of Union County.

I ask, what is the difference between the others and Dana Wright? Maybe there is a little political payback here.

Do the county administrators think they are running a private business with money to burn? If they have that much extra money, maybe they should buy some better equipment for the officers or for animal control so they do not have to drive a dangerous vehicle in the winter.

Maybe we should have some of the same investigations of the county administration as there was on ESD.

I think some of the same shenanigans are taking place.

Donna Knox

La Grande