July 18, 2001 11:00 pm
Jeffrey Smith ().
Jeffrey Smith ().

By Ray Linker

Observer Staff Writer

Having to make a name change seems to be about the only stumbling block to come before a Summerville man intent on opening an airplane parts manufacturing plant in Elgin by September.

We had to change our name from Village Smithy to Omnicut since another company in Oregon already had the Village Smithy name, said Jeffrey G. Smith.

He said all his financing fell into place in May so that he can soon begin erecting a large metal building on a two-acre site in the Elgin Industrial Park in early August.

The financing came together OK; I got all the loans approved. Then around June 1, I made a trip to Los Angeles to look at some machinery. Ive made another trip since then.

I have bids out on machinery now and have made some contacts about getting some work lined up, Smith said.

His company will manufacture precision parts for aircraft. He hopes to work for companies worldwide.

Smith, a 1981 graduate of Elgin High School, said his own background in the aerospace industry helps provide him contacts for acquiring work.

He worked for various companies in Los Angeles, Seattle, Montreal, Europe and Taiwan.

Ive made some really good contacts, and things are starting to come together, although were a little too far out (timewise) to get very firm commitments.

But Im getting a really good feeling about the prospects.

He said the building would go up in August, maybe by Aug. 1, he said.

I predict we can be in production sometime during September, Smith said.

He is advertising for good, solid workers, not necessarily someone trained in this type of work. I would hope to get people we can train.

One job classification of worker he is seeking, he said, is a numerical control machinist. I wont find someone strong in this, but we will train them.

Another classification of worker is called a coordinate measuring inspector, who will inspect the parts that must be cut to precise measurement by computer-directed equipment.

Job applications for the positions are being accepted by the State Employment Office on Adams Avenue.

The applications will remain open until next Wednesday, but I understand there are quite a few applicants, Smith said.