July 20, 2001 11:00 pm

Students will pay more to attend college at Eastern Oregon University.

Friday the State Board of Higher Education approved a tuition increase of about 4 percent.

This is the first tuition increase at EOU since the fall of 1997. Student fees have gone up since then, but not the basic cost of classes.

Oregon residents and non-Oregon residents taking a full load of classes at EOU will pay $3,621 in the coming school years.

For those enrolled in EOUs Masters of Teacher Education program or its graduate program in social work, the tuition will increase to $6,270 for Oregon residents, and $10,911 for non-


The fee increases place tuition at EOU within a few dollars of Southern Oregon University ($3,555 for resident undergraduates) and Western Oregon University ($3,660 for resident undergraduates).

The highest tuition for undergraduates is at the University of Oregon, which will be charging $4,071.

EOU, in addition to higher tuition, received approval from the higher education board to raise incidental fees that students pay every quarter.

Those going to EOU this fall will see a $2 per term increase for general inflation. Heath service fees are going up $5 per term to cover both inflation and to support counseling and the health service center. And students will be paying a new energy surcharge fee of $30 per term.

All four-year universities in the state system have increases and new fees for student services.


PORTLAND (AP) For the first time in five years, the state Board of Higher Education on Friday approved a tuition hike for all seven higher education institutions.

The increase varies from school to school, but many students will see costs jump by more than 9 percent when tuition and fee increases are included.

Fees have gone up every year, but tuition for resident undergraduates has stayed the same since 1997.

The last two Legislative sessions the Legislature had frozen tuition, said Tom Imeson, chairman of the budget and finance committee.

The 2001 Legislature, however, agreed to cap tuition increases at 4 percent this fall and 3 percent in 2002-03.

Beginning this fall, tuition at five Oregon universities and the Oregon Institute of Technology will jump by four percent for Oregon-resident and out-of-state undergraduates. Oregon State University will increase tuition by four percent for residents and five percent for nonresidents.

Resident undergraduates at OSU and Western Oregon University will see the biggest increase, with bills growing from $3,654 to 3,987 a $333 jump. Undergraduate resident students at WOU can expect costs of $3,660 for 2001-02, a $318 jump from last year.

The board passed the tuition increase unanimously, but not without criticism from some of those in attendance.

John Wykoff, legislative director for the Oregon Student Association, said students are asked to pay too many fees for everything from computer use to health services. Most fees are being increased along with tuition.

Some schools will tack on a new energy surcharge to help pay for rising energy costs. The fee will be $30 per term at Eastern Oregon University, the University of Oregon, OSU and WOU. The Oregon Institute of Technology will assess a fee of $10 per term. Portland State University and Southern Oregon University will not charge students an energy fee.

The tuition increase approved by the board Friday only covers the 2001-02 school year. If the board seeks a tuition increase of more than 3 percent for 2002-03, they must first clear it with the Legislature.

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