July 30, 2001 11:00 pm

Affront to jurors

To the Editor:

Regarding the headline in Tuesdays Observer, Attorneys weed through jurors in Northon trial, your headline writer needs to be weeded (vb Websters 3rd Int.) from his job.

Such an affront to jurors and our legal system cannot be ignored.

Jurors are the conscience and soul of a community, adjudging civil and criminal cases, and the backbone of the American legal system.

To imply that jurors are noxious or superfluous shows the level of ignorance The Observer has reached in understanding the legal system.

By the way, sift is also inappropriate.

Steven J. Joseph, attorney

La Grande

Voters elected Bradbury

To the Editor:

Daniel Pokorney wrote, in a July 11 letter to the editor, that Secretary of State Bill Bradbury was hand picked by the governor. He thus infers that Bradbury is an appointed, not an elected official.

It should be made clear that unlike George W. Bush, Bradbury was, in fact, elected by a majority of voters, in a free and fair


Susan Lindstedt

La Grande

Community has void

To the Editor:

There are two sides to every story. Unfortunately, there was only one side of the La Grande Christian School closure presented to the public.

I am a parent. My voice was not heard before the First Baptist Church voted on whether to keep the school open.

I didnt get to tell the congregation how much I appreciate the Christian education the La Grande Christian School has provided four of my children.

My children did not get to tell them how much they love their school.

I understand a committee was assigned to research methods of increasing revenue so the school was not a financial burden to the church. I believe the committee was promised two years to complete that research. Suddenly, and without adequate explanation, that promise was broken, and on May 24 my children spent their last day at the La Grande Christian School. I want to know why.

Did those voting on school closure hear from the parents? Did they look into the worried eyes of children about to be thrust into the chaos of public school? Did they consider the daily Christian instruction and influence they were taking away from many of the students?

I can understand it is necessary for a school to be self-supporting. However, I dont think it is honest for the church to claim that it cannot afford to maintain the

La Grande Christian School. It is my understanding that the

2000-01 school year was the first that the school showed a profit. Why quit watering the tree just as it begins to bear fruit?

Another question, how does the church justify financing a local familys mission to another country to minister to children? There are children in this community, begging the church to continue ministering to them? It seems immoral to overlook the void they will create in Union County.

Carolina Porter

La Grande

Island Citys wonderful

To the Editor:

I hope that everyone has noticed the Island City berm sign at the Walton Road corner.

In case you havent already heard from some Island City resident, we are awfully proud of our little town. I continually tell out-of-town people about La Grande, our largest suburb, when they ask where Island City is located.

We have thriving businesses in town and none of them that I know of have closed up shop, unlike our larger neighbor to the west.

We have, in my humble opinion, the best mayor and city council in the valley. Our city fathers get things done; they dont talk for a year, table the question until next year and then talk and then table, and then talk, table, etc.

What a great little town to live in and Im sure glad I live here.

Roy Hills

Island City

Clean up community

To the Editor:

The July 20 Observer editorial did not go far enough. This town is going downhill fast.

Just drive into La Grande from the west. You have junk cars on the street, burned buildings, vacant buildings and that is just on Adams Avenue.

The residential areas are much worse. I really wish the city planners had to live next door to some of this trash. How would they like to live next door to a house I use that term loosely that people are living in that does not even have water or septic? The only department that will help is the fire department, if there is fire danger.

When a person is traveling through or looking to relocate, they are not going to spend time or money in a town that looks like it is on its way down.

The other towns in Union County, Island City, Union, Cove and, yes, Elgin have something going in the way of cleaning up and projecting a better image. I think it is about time that someone in City Hall starts doing their job and either enforces the ordinances or makes new ones that are enforceable.

Donna Knox

La Grande

Not much point in voting

To the Editor:

If some lawmakers are not satisfied with the voting results and want to overturn them, then why should we (the voters) bother with casting ballots.

If the household budget fails, we have to deal with it. So why dont the opposing groups learn to deal with it.

It costs time and money. So guess who pays for it?

If the question ever arises, then dont ask me why I didnt vote.

Jerry Bradshaw

Island City

Not intending to offend

To the Editor:

This letter is in regards to the July 18 letter from the Lunds. I am so sorry if I came across bitter towards the newspaper, the National Guard and most of all to the Lunds in my July 13 letter.

I am by all means not bitter about this. I think my letter was taken wrong. I was only trying to let people know that there were three heroes. I wanted all three to be acknowledged for that day.

I am sorry if I offended anyone or upset anyone. That was not my intention at all.

I am so happy that the Lunds son is alive today. He has a lot of angels that helped keep him alive, not just Jennifer, Jessica and Jessie. The medical team and the fire department need to be acknowledged too. Again I am sorry if I seemed bitter. I did not intend for my letter to be meant that way.

Once again that was not my intent and I am so sorry Mr. and Mrs. Lund. Pamela Scott

La Grande

Save money, dont notify taxpayers

To the Editor:

Everyone should be delighted to know that the Internal Revenue Service has mailed out millions of letters informing you of your status and amount of the tax relief you will be receiving.

Millions of your tax dollars are going out in postage just to let you know that you will be or not receiving a check. Inasmuch as it is appreciated to be informed of this, why cant they just mail the checks? Its like mailing a notice to your creditors informing them that they will be receiving a check for the bill on such a date or soon after.

Would you spend your hard-earned money on postage to all your creditors just to let them know you are paying your bill? I think not.

Instead of paying so much in postage, they could have split it up and you could have gotten even a bigger check. Our government is at work spending your money.

Sherry Moran

La Grande

Ban manipulation

To the Editor:

This letter is to bring to your attention two different but very important issues to our community. The first is support for our farmers markets: buying from them and encouraging them to grow and become a real source of healthy food to feed our families.

In La Grande, the farmers market is located at Sunflower Books, 1114 Washington Ave., on Saturday mornings. It is convenient, so please buy your produce there.

The second issue is more complex and will require more commitment from each participant.

We must educate our people in our Legislature to introduce bills to certify organic gardening statewide and to make it illegal to manipulate crops genetically, so that our food safety is not compromised.

The third issue is to support farmers markets and continue to issue vouchers for WIC clients and other senior citizens and the disabled. Last week when I inquired, I was told there was no funding left for senior/disabled, but hopefully we would be refunded soon, but until that time senior/disabled produce vouchers would not be available.

Since I am not familiar with the legislative process here, Im not sure how this can be effected, but I am sure there are avenues which can lead to this.

I am contacting my state representatives and senators by mail, phone or e-mail to secure their support.

Please help us in this effort to provide cheaper, more nutritious foods to our community and to help the farmers more in the marketing of their produce.

Harriet A. Cunningham


Problem: overpopulation

To the Editor:

I write in support of Bill Oberteuffers July 17 letter on the fallacy of endless growth and endless, ever-building populations.

The great environmental thinker, J.N. Darling, said the same thing 60 years ago. Karl Marx was furious with another great thinker, the Rev. Thomas Malthus, for suggesting that individuals should be more circumspect in their reproductive customs.

All around the world today, in one formerly great city after another, the populations bombs of Dr. Paul Ehrlich are exploding. The consequences are obvious. The wars of today, the poverty, the disease, the illegals storming the borders of Canada, the U.S., New Zealand and Australia, even the hunger and lawlessness are directly tied to overpopulation.

To stop war, to stop poverty, to stop hunger, to stop massive world-wide abuse of resources and overuse of resources, let us reject the spurious claims of those who say its just a matter of redistribution and better technology, and zero in on the mother of nearly all our economic, environmental, social and cultural problems overpopulation.

David Tillotson

Lakemills, Wis.

(temporarily in Elgin)