March 12, 2001 11:00 pm

By The Observer

A La Grande High School student has been cited by the La Grande Police Department and suspended from school after he was found with a potential harm list.

The list contained the names of 16 LHS teachers and students.

The boy has been suspended pending further investigation, said La Grande High School Principal Jeff Kleck.

The police and the high school are conducting separate investigations.

Police, who had been told earlier about the list, found the student with the list Friday morning at the school. The boy, Jeff Ackley, 15, was cited for disorderly conduct.

The list was not identified as a hit list, but police believe the names of the people on it may have been people the boy wanted to harm, Kleck said.

Everyone on the list has been contacted and warned by school district officials, Kleck said. School districts are required by law to do this within 12 hours after a threat list is found.

La Grande police are suspicious of the list because the student allegedly told friends that it contained the names of people he did not like, Kleck said.

It isnt clear why he made the list. There are other indicators that have led police to believe that it is threatening, Kleck said.