Hard Facts: Ducks' certainly etched in stone

November 15, 2007 11:00 pm

How many people woke up feeling refreshed in Oregon today? Probably not many following the Ducks' loss in Tucson.

While most fans of the soon to be former No. 2 team will not admit it, they were preparing for it.


It used to be death and taxes were the only two certainties in life, but add another one to the stone slab — the Ducks will let you down.

And yes there is pleasure in this since the Huskies aren't bowl bound this year.

Many fans knew it was coming — it was a matter of when.

Like Nostradamus predictions gone wrong, many hoped it was just Cal game.

But no, not with a one-loss team destined to make the BCS championship game. There was another heartbreak coming.

The only thing bad about the game was seeing Dixon go down.

While only time will tell if he can make the cut — literally — in the NFL, he is a great college quarterback.

The sad thing is Oregon wasn't going to play for the national title anyway.

Kansas or Oklahoma was set to jump the Pac-10 leader down the stretch.

Fitting as it may be, the Sooners are my pick to fill the vacated spot — replay intended.

Sports are all about mojo, and the Ducks-Sooners game of 2006 game is coming full circle.

Mike Stoops, the Wildcats coach, helped his brother out.

Bob and the Sooners will now have a chance to face LSU in the title game.

Following a tough game against Texas Tech, Oklahoma will crush Oklahoma State to advance to the Big-12 championship game against Kansas.

A win against the Jayhawks locks up a trip to New Orleans.

The way it's shaping up the Rose Bowl will be the consolation bracket of the BCS championship — Ohio State against Oregon.

The real question is why did Oregon tip its scales in the wrong direction against the Wildcats.

Someone should be fired. But maybe not the person you would expect.

Whoever allowed Ryan Leaf onto the field should find a pink slip waiting on their desk after returning to Eugene.

What in the name of the Pac-10 is going on?

Sure it's touching he saw his brother play as he did in the NFL — with two interceptions. But you're just asking for trouble letting the biggest bust in the NFL and a Cougar walk the sidelines.

Mojo strikes again.

Okay. Dixon getting hurt may not be the saddest thing. With Leaf at the helm, Ducks fans might not be stopping to smell the roses in Pasadena. It might be another trip to the beloved Holiday Bowl or dare we say ... the Sun Bowl.