Hard Facts: A potpourri of football

September 18, 2008 03:13 pm

Potatoes, anybody?

Well you might want to think about it a little more seriously.

There may be something to the meat and potatoes diet. At least for high school kids that play football.

Over the last two seasons Eastern Oregon high school football teams are 1-9 against teams from Idaho. Our area teams have been outscored 391-158.

This season La Grande fell twice, Elgin once and Powder Valley once.

Last season the Tigers failed three times, and Powder Valley dropped two games.

As with last season the pressure falls directly onto the shoulders of Cove High School.

The Leopards edged Greenleaf Friends Academy 26-20 in 2007.

Should it count if the school has friends in its name? I guess so.

Watching the Elgin game against Marsing was an interesting experience. They had three times the amount of players, and it looked like clowns getting out of a tiny car at the circus — they just kept coming. Each player also had a four-inch and 25-pound advantage against the Elgin kid opposite them.

Don’t get me wrong, the hometown Huskies played great.

But with Marsing able to throw that much weight and size around, it made the difference.

We need to get our local boys bulked up over the winter. But until then, head over to Cove at 1 p.m. Friday and root the Leopards on. We need to take one from Idaho this year — even if it’s against friendly kids.

A little whine for some cheese

I might not know a lot — give you time to chuckle… ok — but stat-keeping isn’t that difficult.

However, in the Frontier Conference it seems nearly impossible to get any information. Push a button here, hit enter there, not hard.

Well, in case you didn’t know there are still no stats for the Mountaineer football game against MSU-Northern — at least for EOU.

That is, unless redshirts that didn’t make the trip played in the game — and played well might I add.

Umm ... doesn’t seem possible.

Yes, the Lights are ranked in the NAIA top-20, but it can’t keep accurate stats for away teams. This is supposed to be an engineering and educational school. Shouldn’t there be someone there that’s good with numbers and computers. I’m just saying.

EOU’s Sam Ghrist is able to keep stats for both teams, and post them on the Internet about 15 minutes after the game. And guess what, sometimes he drinks coffee and pushes buttons at the same time. Ohh ... Ahh. Amazing to think

La Grande is ahead of the times in some things.

Please Montana, catch up to the rest of the stat-keeping world.

Area game of the week

Elgin travels to Heppner Friday in a Blue Mountain Conference opener — and it will tell us a lot about the conference this season.

The Mustangs held BMC opponents to zero points last season — with a 270-0 scoring advantage.

It’s time for a BMC challenger to break that streak.


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