Grin and Barrett: BCS - The Big Cash Society

October 09, 2008 02:35 pm

I’ll begin with a shocking statement: the University of Oregon football team still has a chance at this year’s national title.

I do not believe this, I have to have some credibility.

Following one of the worst Duck losses in the history of the program, I could not help but think of this humorously.

How many losses did last season’s national champion Louisiana State have?

The answer is two.

So, why has Oregon not been included in any national championship talk? The Ducks’ two losses have come to two top-15 ranked teams.

I simply bring this up to show some of the insanity that is the Bowl Championship Series. Not that Oregon should be mentioned in title talk, or even top-25 talk for that matter.

Is anyone surprised that Ohio State, USC and Florida are contenders for the national title? Each one of those schools has one loss this season already.

Of that group, the Buckeyes are the only team who fell to a ranked team, USC. Southern Cal lost at Oregon State, who is 2-3, and Florida lost at home to Ole Miss, who is 3-3.

I was not surprised that after these schools lost, the media said they were out of national title contention.

Again, I was not surprised that days later, these same people found a loop-hole and put the teams right back in the title hunt.

Let me breakdown a couple of those loop-holes for you. One, if a team loses early in the season it is much better than when it loses late. Two, if the school brings in a lot of money, it makes the BCS.

If the school has tradition and is a big name program, it will be penciled into a BCS game prior to the season beginning.

How else can you explain Notre Dame receiving five votes in the preseason poll?

The Fightin’ Irish are shoved at us each year through a national television contract. Nothing felt better than watching the hunchbacks lose week after week last year on NBC.

Notre Dame has one of the worst strength of schedule ratings in the country. They face few legitimate threats the rest of the season.

My prediction, the Fightin’ Irish lose Saturday at North Carolina and later in the season to Pittsburgh and USC. Notre Dame will finish 8-4 and make a New Year’s Day bowl game.

Needless to say, the Irish will get pummeled in that bowl game.

Basically, the Bowl Championship Series is terribly flawed and needs to be thrown out. There is an awful hypocrisy plaguing the college football world. Teams like Boise State, Utah and Brigham Young will be wrongfully overlooked this season.

I cannot wait to hear the reasons why an undefeated Boise State does not get an invitation and a two-loss Southeastern Conference team does.

I’m sorry Bronco fans, but as long as BYU continues to win, the BCS will not allow two mid-major teams in the mix.

I do not agree with this, but it is the painful truth. All three of those schools belong in the BCS this season. Too bad they are not a member of the Big Cash Society or more eloquently, the BCS.