School bond - Election results don't tell the whole story

By Larry Glaze November 07, 2008 03:31 pm

Even before the outcome of the school bond measure was decided, I knew our school district and our community would be better for the experience.

As part of our bond communication efforts, we engaged groups and individuals to a degree that we have not seen in recent years. We re-established and strengthened the lines of communication between all of the parties and opened a positive dialogue that will continue regardless of the results of the school bond measure.

Well, we now know those results and the column I didn’t want to write is the one you are reading.

It was, of course, disappointing to see the bond fail in spite of the hard work of so many individuals and organizations.

This was a very positive campaign. It began with the school board’s commitment to provide every voter with accurate bond information and grew to a community effort through the enthusiastic advocacy of the Citizens for School Renovation Political Action Committee.

Along the way, the campaign picked up the endorsement of the La Grande City Council, The Observer, numerous professional organizations and hundreds of parents and community members. The campaign experience has been good for the school district and, I promise you, we will continue to expand that community conversation.

You voted and we heard you. We will re-evaluate our maintenance program with the objective to determine whether additional work can be funded without doing harm to our primary educational mission.

We still will have significant needs and those won’t go away — they must be addressed for our buildings to be safe, secure and dry for children.   

We have much to do over the coming months. In addition to maintenance and expansion issues, there are classroom and curriculum challenges that need to be addressed and some exciting innovations to explore. I’ll provide monthly updates through this column and invite you to sign up for my Key Communicator’s Newsletter. Just give me a call at 663-3202 or e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to have your name added to the Key Communicator list.

Larry Glaze is superintendent of La Grande schools.