Looking into my crystal ball

November 15, 2008 10:16 am

Believe it or not there are people out there who are unaware that I am 25 percent psychic. My grandmother was a fortune teller.

This week I’ve dusted off her crystal ball and will let out some secrets of what’s to come. Let’s begin with college football. Every year about this time, college football analysts have nothing to talk about at the halfway point of the season.

So, what they do is analyze the Bowl Championship Series. And, by analyze I mean completely rip apart.

For a couple of weeks the talking heads argue that there should be a playoff format in NCAA Division I football.

Then in the third week, all of them concede. They all just give up so easily, saying that not only will it not happen in the near future, but ever.

I don’t understand it. Why do the analysts make such great points and arguments for a  playoff system, then just quit on it?

I’m looking into my crystal ball and seeing that unfortunately we will never see a playoff.

There is far too much money being made with the current system.

I would be in favor of a playoff system. I feel there are too many teams not given a fair chance at the title each season.

One of those teams is Boise State. The Broncos have a great team this season, just as they did two years ago in the Fiesta Bowl victory over mighty Oklahoma.

If an eight-team playoff was ever implemented, it may hurt Boise State. Using the Fiesta Bowl game as an example, the Broncos went for two at the end of the game for a reason.

They had nothing left.

The mid-major program ran out of trick plays, strategy and energy. I’m not sure if Boise State could muster three weeks of wins over major programs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Broncos and their style of play. I am not a fan of SEC, Big 12 or Big Ten football, it’s dull.

But, those conferences have 70-80 guys deep on each team. Boise State may have 30-40.

Another glance into my crystal ball sees Utah being taken over the Broncos by the BCS in the Sugar Bowl.

Boise State will end up in San Diego in the Poinsettia Bowl. That spot is designated for the Pac-Ten’s number six team. But, the Pac-Ten will only have five bowl eligible teams at the season’s end.

Here’s how the Pac-Ten will end up. USC heads to the Rose Bowl as conference champs. Oregon State beats Cal today and as much as I hate to say it, Oregon on Nov. 29.

But, the Beavers fall next Saturday at Arizona. Oregon State ends up in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Oregon winds up in San Diego for the Holiday Bowl.

I know the Holiday Bowl usually takes the second place team, but the Ducks always travel well there. And, the Las Vegas Bowl will jump at having the Beavers there after the embarrassment Oregon had there three years ago, losing to BYU, 38-8.

In the national championship game in Miami, Florida will defeat Oklahoma, 34-17.

That is all for now. My powers are fading.