Some ideas for college football

December 09, 2008 02:59 pm

Can we please take the letter “C” out of BCS? Because that’s basically what postseason NCAA Division 1 college football is anymore.

As long as this computerized formula is around picking the best football teams at the end of the season there will be problems.

Now, I know I already wrote one column this season on the BCS, but there are so many flaws with the system I could write something on it every week.

This year undefeated Boise State finds itself on the inside looking in. I say that because the Broncos are currently rated ninth in the BCS standings.

To be considered as a BCS at-large team you must be ranked in the top 14.

The BCS bypassed Boise State and went with No. 10 Ohio State.

My questions are why even have a ranking? And, why put Boise State at No. 9 for the past month, just to have them beat out by a team behind them.

The Orange Bowl is a BCS bowl game and invited Virginia Tech and Cincinnati this season.

You can find Virginia Tech at No. 19 in the current ratings and Cincinnati at No. 12.

My suggestion is don’t call it a BCS game unless it involves a top 10-ranked team.

Why not just take the top 10 teams at the end of the season and have them play in the five BCS bowl games?

Get rid of any automatic conference tie-ins in the BCS games.

That’s just my compromise; I’d love if they just got rid of the whole system and went to a playoff format.

Looking at some other bowl games, I know you all are like me and cannot wait for this season’s Motor City Bowl between Florida Atlantic and Central Michigan.

There are so many bowl games this season (34) that to become bowl eligible all you need is a .500 record.

That means mid-major schools like Florida Atlantic, Colorado State, Memphis, Southern Mississippi, and Northern Illinois all at 6-6 made the postseason.

Another 6-6 team, Notre Dame made the postseason when it might have been better for them to decline the invitation.

The Fightin’ Irish may enter the Hawaii Bowl as underdogs to Hawaii.

Eighty-nine schools have won bowl games since Notre Dame last won a bowl game in 1994.

The Irish have lost nine straight bowl games with an average loss by 17 points.

Accepting the bowl invitation was not a wise decision by Charlie Weis. Notre Dame will go down in the islands to the Warriors.

My two final suggestions are move any games that are not BCS-caliber games such as the GMAC Bowl to before Jan. 1. If the NCAA insists on having games go until Jan. 8, then at least make them good ones.

Finally, please do not televise any more bowl games on the NFL Network, such as this year’s Texas and Insight bowls. It makes more sense to air them on PBS so everyone can watch.

All is not lost though fans, I’ll give you the best games to watch this bowl season next week.

Barrett Henderson is a sports writer for The Observer. Reach him by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it