Crystal ball bowl selections

December 19, 2008 03:14 pm

It’s the best time of the year: the college football bowl season is here.

You didn’t think I’d say because it’s Christmas did you? No, this is the time where a person can escape from what I like to call “F.F.T.,” or forced family time.

So, get ready to grab your remote, something to drink, a ham sandwich with that leftover holiday ham and find your spot on the couch.

Saturday’s games are yawners with the exception of BYU and Arizona in the Las Vegas Bowl. The Cougars may want to set up a satellite campus in Vegas as this is the fourth straight time they have been there.

BYU already demolished one Pac-10 school this season. Remember the 59-0 drubbing they gave UCLA? No surprise here as the Cougars win easily over the Wildcats.

Do not miss this year’s Poinsettia Bowl. We’ll call it the “Mini BCS championship game,” between No. 11 TCU and undefeated No. 9 Boise State.

Watch as the Broncos silence this season’s doubters when they hold off the Horned Frogs.

Mele Kalikimaka to all my Hawaii fans. The Warriors get to open their present on Christmas Eve and will unwrap the Notre Dame defense, exposing an awful team that should not be in the postseason.

The next few days offer a flurry of potentially decent games before Oregon meets Oklahoma State in the Holiday Bowl. If you like offense, set your DVR’s to record this game on Dec. 30.

I’ll take Oregon by three, with both teams scoring more than 40 points.

The Beavers play the next day on New Year’s Eve in the Brut Sun Bowl against Pittsburgh. Oregon State was one game away from the Rose Bowl. Instead they’re in El Paso.

I know the Beavers are not excited about playing in this game because of what could have been, but they meet a great opponent in the Panthers.

Sorry, OSU fans, but I’m taking Pitt in this one. Without both Rodgers brothers and just an all-out depression shown by the team in the past weeks, it’s an easy choice. If the Beavers had trouble stopping the Ducks running the ball, wait until they meet LeSean McCoy from Pittsburgh.

The Grand-daddy of them all, the Rose Bowl, should be a classic this season. It’s flair versus tradition, Paterno versus Carroll, Penn State versus USC on New Year’s Day.

As an Oregon fan, I’m usually finished watching by New Year’s Eve, but I’ll keep watching this year. I’ll stick with the Pac-10 on this pick and go with the Trojans.

I don’t expect Utah to give Alabama much of a game in the Sugar Bowl on Jan 2. I feel the same for the Fiesta Bowl as Texas should ease by over-hyped Ohio State.

The best game this postseason will be the national championship game. I’ll give credit to the BCS this time: they got this right.

Florida and Oklahoma are flat out the best teams in the country. I give a slight edge to the Sooners in this one, but it will be close.

Happy bowling to all of you. And remember when stuffing yourself with bowl games, leave some room for March Madness.

Barrett Henderson is a sports writer for The Observer. Reach him by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it