Believing in miracles pays off for puppy, family

By Guest Column Susan Drinnon December 26, 2008 02:17 pm

I want to share an inspiring story of a miracle that meant a lot to our family. This miracle happened while we were visiting family in the area and involved one of your local vets, Marc Omann at the Country Animal Clinic by Wal-Mart in Island City.

My then 8-year-old daughter received a Shih Tzu puppy from my sister who lives in the area. Dr. Marc has been the vet for my sister and brother-in-law’s farm for many years and had given Luke (the puppy) his shots and check-up. So when we were in town during the summer, I called ahead and scheduled to get Luke fixed while we were helping family move.

Shortly before we left, Luke got out of the house and was “lost” for almost three hours. We were so glad when we found him! The week continued and we left for La Grande as scheduled. Luke went in for surgery and all went well. Dr. Marc called us to tell us that all had gone as scheduled and if no complications arose, we could pick him up at 5 p.m. We had scheduled a family dinner in town that evening. During the afternoon, we received a phone call from Dr. Marc asking if Luke was known to have any bleeding problems that might be common in some small breeds, because Luke had started bleeding after the initial surgery had been completed. They even opened the dog up again to see if something else had gone wrong.

That afternoon several phone calls were exchanged, one saying that they had been able to stop Luke’s bleeding and that they would like to keep him overnight to watch him. We were scheduled to leave that next day, and we were all very worried. The next phone call was to say that Luke was again bleeding.

We had scheduled to have dinner with my step-dad, Bob Miller, that evening, so we left and went ahead to the restaurant. During dinner, Dr. Marc called and said things were grave. Luke was bleeding and he just could not stop it. He felt strongly that Luke had somehow gotten into rat poisoning. If we wanted to come to the office “to say goodbye,” we should come right away.

Breaking this news to my daughter, Megan, was devastating. We left a happy, healthy puppy with the vet, and now her best friend was dying. Of course, we left right away and Dr. Marc met us at the door. Luke is a small dog to begin with, he weighed 12 pounds at home, but now you could see his little bones through his fur. When Luke saw Megan, he tried to jump out of the kennel to see her. Dr. Marc’s compassion and support were more than good bedside manners. He talked directly to Megan and told her what was happening. After some discussion, Dr. Marc said, “Well, I know more than one person here believes in miracles and the power of prayer. Let’s try the treatment usually prescribed for this poisoning, which is a vitamin K injection. We’ll go home and pray — who knows — miracles can happen.”

We spent a sleepless night that night. And, yes, we really did pray. I called my mother and father-in-law, and an aunt, and asked them to pray for Luke. The next morning, at 6, Dr. Marc called. This is what he said, “You know, Susan, I really expected to be making a different kind of call this morning. I have seen what happens when pets eat rat poisoning ... but Luke is up! I mean, he is up — he is barking — he is wiggling his tail! I think he wants to go home!”

I can’t begin to tell you how we felt, especially for Megan. We all cried for joy. When we went in to see Luke, I’m not certain, but Dr. Marc might have shed a tear of joy also.

We are coming home for Christmas and we intend to stop in and say thank you for one of our Christmas blessings. And, of course, Luke will be with us. If Dr. Marc had not believed in miracles, he would not have tried the treatment in spite of “logic” and Luke wouldn’t be with us today.

It is Christmas. I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Marc for believing in miracles.

Susan Drinnon lives in Bremerton, Wash.