Letters and Comments for March 6, 2009

By Observer Upload March 06, 2009 01:43 pm
Letters and Comments for March 6, 2009

Boycott completely

To the Editor:

The recent controversy over the planned La Grande high School production of “Picasso at The Lapin Agile” demonstrates once again that: “If you don’t like it, don’t patronize it.”

Let the empty seats, if any, speak for themselves. All this ongoing controversy has generated no end of free publicity for the production — giving aid and comfort to its proponents and undermining efforts by its opponents.

People will come out in droves to see what all the contention is about. It isn’t always possible, but nine times out of 10, the best thing to do with objectionable content is ... nothing!

Boycott completely.

Ron R. Fischer


Challenge youth

To the Editor:

Part of an education for young adults is learning how to process controversial, mature issues that surround students every day. As a former LHS student, I can guarantee that sex, alcohol and many more scandalous topics have graced the hallways long before Steve Martin ever began writing plays. It is in the nature of young adults to be curious and discuss these things — there is no “innocence of youth” by this age.

Give these young people credit for being able to maturely handle and learn from difficult topics instead of hushing them up. Challenge them by offering opportunities for reflection and discussion, instead of acting like not talking about something makes it go away.

Parents and students comfortable with the play content may choose to participate and view, and others may choose not to. This was never a mandatory school event, and it’s always possible to use your own judgment without stifling someone else’s.

The young adults who have demonstrated their dedication to what they feel passionately about should know that this is not the last time others will try to censor them or make them adhere to their standards of acceptability. That’s what is truly sad for them to learn at this young age.

I trust Kevin Cahill’s judgment as an educator. I learned much from him because he challenged me and expected greatness. I’m pleased he’s found a way for the show to go on. I certainly hope the superintendent and school board will ensure that in the future there will be some sort of administrative review policy in place for these plays prior to auditions, casting and rehearsals. If the content policy is so strict, then someone dropped the ball because it should never have gotten this far.

To those opposed to the play — I appreciate your right to voice your opinion. Thank you for giving this play so much publicity and likely increasing attendance when it is staged at EOU so that the rest of the public might enjoy it.

Kim Wood Nolan

LHS Class of 2001


Support America

To the Editor:

After reading about and listening to all the criticism of President Obama’s stimulus program, I wonder why those critics haven’t come forth with a possible working program.

It almost makes us believe that citizens from foreign countries deserve more respect than we in the USA.

What was gained in our involvement in Vietnam, Korea and now Iraq and Afghanistan?

Surely all our involvements in these countries have triggered the terrorist movement as a retaliation against having our military present interrupting with their form of government.

Surely, the terrible loss of so many of our young soldiers in the three countries (and now a fourth) was not worth our presence in each of them. I believe as long as we continue this type of intervention, that we will continue to expect terrorist to show their anger. Is it worth it?

Speaking of programs, we all should be thankful of the two most successful programs that originated during President Roosevelt’s reign.

• The Social Security program — a well thought out program which affects every American. As we reached retirement age, it came into effect. It gave us a great deal of respect to prove we did not expect our children to support us. And also made us respect the fact that the money was our share of donating to it as far as our independence.

• The Medicare program has made a terrific aid to senior citizens having unforeseen medical problems. I’m sure most of us would experience the lack of money in order to pay the present cost of medical assistance.

I sincerely believe it is time that each of us (regardless of party) start to think of how we can help bring America as the top leader of the world. God Bless America.

Minnie Fregulia