A community comes together

By Casey Kellas, The Observer December 17, 2009 02:00 pm

The phrase “the show must go on” took on a whole new meaning Saturday night at the Cove basketball tournament.

The Union girls basketball team was playing Cove in the third of four games that were to take place on the day.

The game started right on time as scheduled, with Union grabbing an early 10-2 lead. Then with 2:39 left in the first quarter, one of the referees noticed some water on the floor. The referee looked up at the ceiling and noticed that the roof in the Cove gymnasium was leaking.

After a quick meeting at mid-court with the coaches, they decided that they would resume the game at Union High School — eight miles away.

“The refs were going to cancel the game so I mentioned that we could go to Union,” Bobcats head coach Tessa Nicholson said.

So, as if it happens all the time, everyone from the coaches and players to the fans, loaded up in their rigs and drove the short distance between towns.

About 45 minutes later the teams were warming up on Union’s basketball court, and the seats started filling up in the stands.

All of a sudden, Cove became the visiting team and the Bobcats were on its home court. The game itself wasn’t much — a 58-6 win for

Union — but that’s not what was so special about this evening.

The thing that I think most of the players will remember as well as the fans, is the camaraderie that everyone showed in making the decision to finish the game in a different town and in a different gym.

The Cove and Union boys teams were set to play after the girls’ game, and they took the court about an hour later than originally scheduled but played a very competitive game.

Cove edged out Union 67-57.

But it’s times like this that should make us all feel grateful that we live in such a small community where at the drop of a dime, a basketball game can be stopped and restarted in another town.

I think a lot of respect should be given to the Cove basketball teams for accepting the decision that was made and still show up and play hard.

They could have easily rescheduled, but they didn’t.

Nicholson summed it up best saying, “Only in Union County can this type of thing happen.”

And we should all feel lucky that we live in Union County where this type of thing does happen.

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