Letters and Comments for April 26, 2010Letters and Comments for April 26, 2010

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Letters and Comments for April 26, 2010

Need power from wind

To the Editor:

Following the cruel, tragic deaths earlier this month of 29 coal-miners, how do the folks in Union who oppose the windmills propose that we create electricity?

 If seeing the graceful, concrete windmills on our bare hills prevents even one coal-miner’s sudden death by explosion or the slow agony of lung disease from coal-dust, I for one think it’s worth it. And have you seen what devastation a coal mine does to the environment? Better to see windmills on bare hills than gashes in the hillside itself. And isn’t it better to have our homes theoretically “devalued” than drowned beneath hundreds of feet of water behind a dam, like the folks at Celilo endured?

Dams also harm fish and fishermen’s income.

Nuclear, you say? How about we clean up the mess we’ve already made at Hanford and elsewhere first, then make sure we don’t have

another Three Mile Island or worse.

If you still don’t want windmills, you’ll have to get off the grid — no TV, microwave ovens, hairdryers; read by candle-light and wash clothes by hand. Of course, our hospitals, doctors and firemen will still need electricity, so how do you propose we get it?

The windmills bring decent-paying jobs (even a year or so is better than none to feed your family with) and improved infrastructure.

Reducing your use is best, but until we produce all we need from the sun, I say the answer is blowing in the wind.

Janie M. Burcart

La Grande


Great addition to board

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Greg Howard for Position 7 on the Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors. Greg chose to serve our community by accepting the appointment to OTEC’s board earlier this year and I am pleased he is seeking election to this important position.

As a member of the OTEC board Greg offers an understanding of the needs of our rural community. Greg is a native of Union County who opted to pursue a career with Boise Cascade in order to maintain his deep local roots and in order to raise his family with the quality of life Eastern Oregon provides. He is passionate about our area, which will be evident during his time serving on the OTEC Board.

I have had the good fortune of working with Greg at Boise Cascade for the past 15 years. Throughout Greg’s career he has made an immeasurable contribution to Boise Cascade’s leadership. His strong moral compass and adherence to high ethical principles guide all that he does.

I admire greatly Greg as a communicator. He listens generously and gives strong consideration to other perspectives when making difficult decisions. Additionally, he is an outstanding businessman, adept at analyzing opportunities or problems and arriving at robust conclusions. These skills are just a few strengths that Greg will bring to the OTEC board. His contribution would most certainly be a marked one.

Please join me in voting for Greg Howard for Position 7 of the OTEC Board of Directors.

Tom Insko

La Grande

Howard letter 5 of 10


Support fuel cell technology

To the Editor:

I am writing to ask you to support fuel cell and hydrogen technology in the United States. Fuel cells are essential to reducing greenhouse gas pollution and our dependence on foreign oil, increasing energy security and reliability and creating green energy jobs.

Fuel cells are already starting to make a difference. There are hundreds of fuel cell cars on the road today, and thousands of fuel cell units in operation across the country in stationary, portable and materials handling applications.

More than 600 U.S. companies are involved in the fuel cell and hydrogen industry and other countries such as Japan, Korea and Germany, have aggressive fuel cell programs. As several of the major fuel cell manufacturers are located in the United States, please act to ensure we don’t lose this technology to foreign competition.

Fuel cells are currently three times the efficiency of high-efficiency combustion engines. Additionally, when sourced from any water source, hydrogen starts as water and returns to water. Which makes fuel cells the only power plant that has a net zero effect on our resources!

I strongly encourage you to do personal research into this subject. I know you will become a fan just as I have.

Christopher Cook

La Grande