Heavenly Fatherís love knows no bounds

June 18, 2010 12:22 pm
Father’s Day, a day we dedicate to our fathers. A time to remember all that they have done for us. For some, it is a sad day. Not all fathers are wonderful, caring and loving. I had one of those. I lived in constant fear that I would not live up to his expectations and would suffer for it.

Now, move ahead to 1977. The year I met a great Father. I discovered that He loved me so much that in order to have a relationship with me, He sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for me. Wow, to say that I was overwhelmed with His love is an understatement. I could not stop telling people about Him, and I served Him with all my might.

Unfortunately, my earthly father’s treatment of me was how I viewed my heavenly Father. I constantly worried that I would make Him angry and suffer His wrath. I believed that He was sitting in heaven just waiting for me to “do something” so He could “get me.” Grace and mercy were not words I associated with Him because my earthly model was neither of these.

While serving as director of a crisis center, my view of God was overwhelming to me. I lived in fear that I didn’t measure up and that one day He would “deal with me.” Well, He did deal with me but not in the way I imagined.

We had close to 16 people living in the crisis center and it was near Christmas. Money was short, donations were down and we were barely scraping by.

To make matters worse, the snow was so deep that it took a four-wheel-drive to get around town. I was doing dishes and talking to God. I asked Him to help me not be depressed because I could not make candy that year. That was a tradition I enjoyed, and I knew that with our situation I would have to give it up.

A short time later, a woman called with a donation that had to be picked up that day. She was moving and had cleaned out her cupboards and freezer and wanted to donate the food. I called around until I found someone who could help and asked them to pick up her donation. When the man unloaded his pickup, there were three five-gallon buckets. As I unpacked them, I was astonished to find sugar, coconut, nuts and one bucket full of chocolate chips. No meat, no potatoes, no vegetables. Just three buckets of candy makings for me, from my Father.

That day was the start of a wonderful journey as my Father showed me His love. After 33 years as His beloved daughter, I no longer fear His wrath. Instead, I bask in His love.

Kay Slippy was director of Crisis Action Team in La Grande until it closed in 1988. She now serves along side her husband, Vernon, at Grande Ronde Community Church.

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