Area veterans have new advocate

By Observer editorial August 24, 2010 11:40 am
Union County has a new veterans service officer who seems to be a go-getter and is willing to spread the word that benefits are available to area veterans — many of whom might not be aware of them.
Byron Whipple became the new veterans service officer this spring. He has been hard at work reaching out to veterans and letting them know the various programs that are

He’s also planning to write a column for The Observer, “Vet Talk with the Silent Warrior.’’ The first installment ran Aug. 13. The second one will run this Friday. Our plan is to run the column every other Friday. Whipple tells us that eventually he’ll explain the significance of the column title.

Whipple’s goal is to get the word out, and to get veterans to come see him about benefits they might be eligible for. Programs exist for all veterans, but those who served during the various war eras may be entitled to more help than they know exists.

It’s all about communication and reaching out. Whipple is committed to both. He was a career Navy man, having retired after 22 years as a master chief petty officer. He’s committed to helping veterans, not only because it’s now his job, but because he believes — as do we — that veterans deserve special consideration and benefits from the country they served to  protect.

We wish Whipple well in his position, and we look forward to future installments of Vet Talk with the Silent Warrior. We hope readers do, too.