Letters and comments for March 17, 2011

By Observer Upload March 17, 2011 02:44 pm
Letters and comments for March 17, 2011

Veiled ‘marching orders’

To the Editor:

I would like to express my concern about issues in the media that are labeled “job-killing.” Specifically, my concern is with the pervasiveness of the term itself in the Republican rhetoric.

The frequent use of the term “job-killing” indicates that some power behind the scenes predetermines which are the best buzz words to use when communicating with the public and then dictates that each member of Congress will use them frequently whether they truthfully apply or not.

I cringe each time I hear or read this term “job-killing.”

It has generated a suspicion in me that my representatives are not representing me to Congress, but rather, representing Congress to me. I need reassurance that my representatives are speaking with some degree of sincerity and not simply complying with thinly veiled “marching orders” issued by senior party members.

Frequently-used political descriptives such as “job-killing” are an insult to the intelligence of thinking people and only widen the credibility gap between politicians and voters.

Shelley S. Curtiss