Public notices for the day of May 5, 2011

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Public notices for the day of May 5, 2011 TRUSTEE’S NOTICE OF SALE Loan No: xxxxxx4848 T.S. No.: 1321267-09. Reference is made to that certain deed made by Mary Jean Wiggins, A Single Owner, as Grantor to Abstract & Title Company, as Trustee, in favor of Community Bank, as Beneficiary, dated July 27, 2004, recorded July 29, 2004, in official records of Union, Oregon in book/reel/ volume No. xx at page No. xx, fee/file/ Instrument/microfilm/reception No. 20044064 covering the following described real property situated in said County and State, to-wit: The west 45 feet of lot 1 of block 14 of coggan's addition to La Grande, Union County, Oregon Commonly known as: 1608 M Ave La Grande Or 97850. Both the beneficiary and the trustee have elected to sell the said real property to satisfy the obligations secured by said trust deed and notice has been recorded pursuant to Section 86.735(3) of Oregon Revised Statutes: the default for which the foreclosure is made is the grantor’s: Failure to pay the monthly payment due december 1, 2010 of principal and interest and subsequent installments due thereafter; plus late charges; together with all subsequent sums advanced by beneficiary pursuant to the terms and conditions of said deed of trust. Monthly payment $812.36 Monthly Late Charge $29.26. By this reason of said default the beneficiary has declared all obligations secured by said Deed of Trust immediately due and payable, said sums being the following, to-wit; The sum of $87,079.43 together with interest thereon at 6.125% per annum from November 01, 2010 until paid; plus all accrued late charges thereon; and all trustee’s fees, foreclosure costs and any sums advance by the beneficiary pursuant to the terms and conditions of the said deed of trust. Whereof, notice hereby is given that, Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation the undersigned trustee will on August 01, 2011 at the hour of 1:00pm, Standard of Time, as established by Section 187.110, Oregon Revised Statutes, At the "k" avenue entrance to union county courthouse 1008 "k" Avenue City of La Grande, County of Union, State of Oregon, sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash the interest in the said described real property which the grantor had or had power to convey at the time of the execution by him of the said trust deed, together with any interest which the grantor or his successors in interest acquired after the execution of said trust deed, to satisfy the foregoing obligations thereby secured and the costs and expense of sale, including a reasonable charge by the trustee. Notice is further given that any person named in Section 86.753 of Oregon Revised Statutes has the right to have the foreclosure proceeding dismissed and the trust deed reinstated by payment to the beneficiary of the entire amount then due (other than such portion of said principal as would not then be due had no default occurred), together with the costs, trustee’s and attorney’s fees and curing any other default complained of in the Notice of Default by tendering the performance required under the obligation or trust deed, at any time prior to five days before the date last set for sale. In construing this notice, the masculine gender includes the feminine and the neuter, the singular includes plural, the word “grantor” includes any successor in interest to the grantor as well as any other persons owing an obligation, the performance of which is secured by said trust deed, the words “trustee” and “beneficiary” includes their respective successors in interest, if any. Dated: March 25, 2011. Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation 525 East Main Street P.O. Box 22004 El Cajon Ca 92022-9004 Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation Signature/By: Tammy Laird R-375897 04/28, 05/05, 05/12, 05/19

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Legal no. 4309

Robert Allen Brogoitti, Jr. has been appointed Personal Representative (hereafter PR) of the Estate of Marion Hughes Brogoitti, Deceased, Probate No. 11-04-8334, Union County Circuit Court, State of Oregon. All persons whose rights may be affected by the proceeding may obtain additional information from the court records, the PR, or the attorney for the PR. All persons having claims against the estate must present them to the PR at:
Steven J. Joseph, Attorney for PR
Joseph & Ricker, LLC
P.O. Box 3230
901 Washington Avenue
La Grande, OR 97850
(541) 963-4901
within four months after the first publication date of this notice or they may be barred.

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Legal no. 4357
Community Connection of Northeast Oregon, Inc. seeks proposals for Transit Scheduling and Routing Software and Associated Hardware. Proposals are available from Community Connection, Public Transit Building, 2204 East Penn Avenue, La Grande, Oregon 97850 or by calling Roy at 541-963-2877. Deadline for proposals is May 20, 2011.

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Legal no. 4361
A meeting of the Tri County Cooperative Weed Management Area Budget Committee will be held on May 17th, 2011 at 10:00am at The Union County Ag Service Center 10507 North McAlister in
La Grande, OR. The purpose of this meeting will to discuss and approve the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2011. This is a public meeting where deliberations of the budget committee will take place, and the budget committee will receive questions and comments from the public. A copy of the budget may be inspected or obtained at 2610 Grove St., Baker City, Oregon between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm. For more information call (541) 523-2740.

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Legal no. 4363
Sealed Bids for the construction of Runway 12-30 Shift at La Grande/Union County Airport (AIP Project No. 3-41-0031-017), shall be addressed to and received at Union County Commissioner’s office, Attention: Richard Comstock, Public Works Director, 1106 ‘K’ Avenue, La Grande, Oregon 97850, not later than 1:00 p.m. local time, on the 2nd day of June, 2011, and immediately thereafter the Bids will be publicly opened and read at the above-stated location. The outside of the envelope shall plainly identify: 1) the Project name and AIP number, 2) the Bid Opening date and time, 3) the Bidder's name and address, and 4) the Contractor’s license number (per ORS 701). Bids submitted after the above-specified time shall not be received or opened.
Union County is seeking a qualified contractor to shift Runway 12-30 and extend its parallel taxiway 660 feet south toward Airport Road. The major work elements for the project include construction of new runway and taxiway pavement sections; installation of a new Medium Intensity Runway Lighting System (MIRL) for Runway 12-30; construction of pavement underdrains for new pavement sections; and runway and taxiway pavement marking.
Bidder shall submit disclosure of First-Tier Subcontractors not later than 3:00 p.m. on the 2nd day of June, 2011.
Each Proposal must be submitted on the prescribed form and accompanied by a certified check or Bid Bond executed on the prescribed form, payable to Union County, in an amount not less than 5 percent of the amount bid.
Prequalification of Bidders is not required.
Drawings and Specifications may be examined at the Union County Commissioner’s Office, 1106 'K' Avenue La Grande, OR 97850, or at the office of the Engineer, Precision Approach Engineering, Inc., 4575 SW Research Way, Suite 250, Corvallis, Oregon 97333; phone 541/754-0043.
Electronic copies of the Contract Documents and Addendums are posted on the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) website at: welcome, Opportunity No. C31002-3-41-0031-017-11. The Contract Documents and Addendums may be downloaded at no charge, and will not be mailed to prospective bidders. Bidders should consult the ORPIN system regularly until closing to avoid missing any Addenda.
This contract is for a public work subject to ORS 279C.800 to 279C.870, or the Davis-Bacon Act (40 U.S.C. 276a). The Bidder must agree that the requirements and conditions of employment be observed and minimum wage rates as established by the U.S. Secretary of Labor be paid under the Contract.
An optional prebid conference will be held at 1:00 p.m. on May 19, 2011, at the La Grande/Union County Airport Terminal Building, 60175 Pierce Rd, La Grande, Oregon 97850.
For information concerning the proposed work, contact Terry Kessler or Josh Lekkerkerker, Precision Approach Engineering, Inc., telephone 541/754-0043. A site visit will be conducted as part of the prebid conference.
Dated this 2nd day of May, 2011
UNC004 Advertisement for Bids
Richard Comstock
Public Works Director
UNC004 Advertisement for Bids

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