Fundraising begins for fireworks show

By Observer editorial May 05, 2011 04:15 pm
The Union County Fireworks Action Committee, bolstered with some new members, is moving ahead with a fundraising campaign to ensure that Union County has a fireworks show on the Fourth of July. The committee will be asking area residents and businesses to chip in to raise the $10,000 needed for the annual show. A couple of months ago the remaining members of the fireworks committee weren’t sure they were up to continuing the annual fundraising effort. The committee’s ranks had dwindled to about three active members. They put out a call for more volunteers to get involved. Although the response wasn’t overwhelming, some individuals did step up and the show will go on.

Committee volunteers are beginning to call on area businesses and individuals to seek cash donations and prizes for the annual raffle. The committee is also looking for groups to sell tickets for the raffle that will feature three grand prizes (a car from Goss Motors, 100 gallons of fuel from Waldrop Oil and a $1,000 pair of earrings from La Grande Gold and Silver) and a host of other prizes. The fireworks committee splits proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets 50-50 with sellers. Groups looking for fundraisers would be hardpressed to find a better deal.

The raffle has the potential to provide the bulk of funding. The Union County commissioners annually provide $2,500 to help ensure county residents will have a fireworks show, and that provides a good foundation. But a lot more has to be raised.

The La Grande Lions have pledged to join in the committee’s fundraising efforts. Additionally, a solicitation for donations will be conducted through letters and from advertising donated by The Observer. Later this month The Observer will be re-launching the Patriot Club promotion similar to what we did several years ago.

The bottom line is that the all-volunteer fireworks action committee is committed to raising funds for another year’s show. But it’s going to be up to the community to ensure the show’s success — by donating to the cause and buying raffle tickets.

If anyone or any groups would like to lend a hand, the committee would be grateful for the help. Call La Grande Fire Chief Bruce Weimer at 541-963-3123 or Steve Combes at 541-786-2250. Groups interested in selling raffle tickets should contact Combes.

Let’s all do what we can to help reinvigorate Union County’s annual fireworks show.