Help make EOLS Junior Auction a big success

By Observer editorial June 01, 2011 07:54 pm
The Eastern Oregon Livestock Show is just around the corner. It’s not too soon to start planning for several days of fun and to make a commitment to help the area’s 4-H and FFA youth through the purchase of an animal at the junior livestock auction. Buyers are always needed, and the more the merrier. You don’t even have to be looking for some meat to put in your freezer. Buyers who just want to help the kids can resell to commercial buyers, paying the difference between the bid and the floor price.

Organizers would love nothing better than seeing new buyers get involved. The youths will put their various animal projects in the sale ring to conclude the stockshow week’s 4-H and FFA activities. The auction will take place at 8 a.m. Saturday, June 11.

Prospective buyers will find quality beef, hogs and lamb on the auction block. These are the 4-H and FFA members’ annual projects, so buyers can be assured they are getting top-quality meat.  And for those who are just looking to contribute for the sake of the kids, well, show up, get a bidder number and have some fun. Those who aren’t familiar with the process shouldn’t be discouraged. Auction officials are more than happy to lend their advice and encouragement. And for those prospective buyers who can’t be there, the auction has folks who will do the buying for you. All you have to do is write a check when the bill arrives. And if you don’t want to buy anything at all but want to donate, there’s a way to do that, too. The donations will help fill in gaps so that all participants can get a fair price for their animals.

The 4-H and FFA youths depend on this auction every year. They depend on people being willing to buy their animals so they can recoup some of the expenses involved in raising the animals.

If possible, please help in one way or another. These kids deserve it. Anyone who has questions about the auction, about bidding or donating is encouraged to call John Leithner, auction co-chair, at 541-786-1750.

Let’s do what we can to help ensure that the EOLS Junior Auction is a success for the kids.