Ice center group doing right thing by starting small

By Observer editorial July 18, 2011 08:28 pm
A non-profit organization, Friends of La Grande Ice & Event Centre, has been working for some time toward a goal of developing an ice rink and event center in La Grande. The organization realizes that such a goal is a lofty one and that it will need to take incremental steps along the way. The first significant step the organization has identified is the need for a skating facility in La Grande — both to gauge interest in skating and to provide an outlet for young people to take part in such activities as inline roller hockey, floor hockey, broom ball and roller skating. The Friends group identified a potential site for such a rink at the old and unused tennis courts at Pioneer Park, a city-owned facility. The group received approval to move ahead with repair of the foundation, for which it received a $2,358 grant from Grande Ronde Hospital. The next step, Phase II, is to raise $44,000 for the installation of special tiles on the former court. Once that can be accomplished, skating activities could begin. Wildhorse Foundation recently provided a $5,000 grant.

The Observer has followed the progression of the Friends’ groups efforts and endorses the concept of trying to build a facility that would work for both youth and adult leagues for roller hockey and related activities. The growing popularity of hockey and other
skating-type sports would provide another positive outlet for youth activities.

The Friends group is going about the project the right way by taking incremental steps. Fundraising for the purchase of the tiles is the next logical step, and we hope the community will respond.