Ya gotta luv it!

July 26, 2011 06:19 pm
Appreciating the simple but special things in life

UNION — Having recently moved from New Mexico to Union it seemed pretty unique to me to see two young girls walking down the street with their sheep on leashes. Is there a leash law for sheep? Who knew?

Ellie Clark, walking her ram Elvis, and Kortnee Marriott, walking her friend Ellie’s ewe, seemed to think I was rather strange for wanting to take their pictures. Ellie explained by telling me that they were trying to get the sheep ready for the upcoming fair. I guess maybe a little more muscle toning was in order.

When I talked to my co-workers about what I had seen, they were like, “So, it happens all the time here.” Not that my sons who are now grown turned out bad, but they grew up in more urban/metro environments where they would not have been caught dead walking a sheep.

In my youth and in theirs, 4-H programs were something we heard about but were never able to experience.

I feel so lucky to have found a place to live where life is simple but so special. A place where family time is more than watching television or worse, pledging allegiance to a gang family. Where having a Mercedes is far more unusual than the norm. Where work ethic is a way of life. Where life has value. Where people still live off the land and protect it with passionate vigor. Where God and country are still the moral principals lived by. Where teenagers become national FBLA president or second in national finals of pitch hit and run.

It is beautiful here in Union County in so many ways and we are all so blessed to live here.

Glenas Orcutt is The Observer’s new advertising director. She and her husband, Mike, have settled in Union.