Public notices for the day of August 10, 2011

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Public notices for the day of August 10, 2011 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING
The City of La Grande Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing at a Special Session on Tuesday, August 23, 2011, which begins at 6:00 p.m. in the La Grande City Hall Council Chambers, 1000 Adams Avenue, La Grande, Oregon. The Hearing is to consider an application for a Conditional Use Permit to construct and operate an emergency medical service helistop, to be located on top of an existing wing on the east side of the hospital. The property is situated in the RP Residential Professional Zone. The property is located at 900 Sunset Drive, T3S, R38E, Section 7AC, Tax Lot 1900, La Grande, Union County, Oregon. The applicant is Grande Ronde Hospital.
The applicable land use regulations are found in Chapter 8, Article 8.5 of the City of La Grande Land Development Code Ordinance Number 3081, Series 2009. Failure to raise a specific issue at the Public Hearing precludes appeal of the Planning Commission’s decision. A copy of the application and information related to the proposal are available for review at no cost, with copies supplied at a reasonable cost. A Staff Report will be available for review seven (7) days before the Planning Commission Hearing, and can also be supplied at a reasonable cost. For further information, contact the Planning Division at (541) 962-1307.
Michael J. Boquist
City Planner

Publish: August 10, 2011
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