School’s back in session, drive cautiously

By Observer editorial August 30, 2011 07:38 pm
Well, it’s hard to believe and to put ourselves into the mindset that summer is almost over. The start of school throughout the area is proof that it’s probably later than we think. And it is time to change our mindset, especially as we’re out and about in our cars while kids are going to and from school and their bus stops It’s time to slow down, folks.

In general, it seems, drivers have become more courteous along some of La Grande’s main streets. We see people stopping for pedestrians more often. But it doesn’t hurt to serve up another reminder that more kids are sure to be out and about early in the morning and again in the afternoon.

Slow down at intersections. Be prepared for school kids and other pedestrians to be crossing the street. Right now we have the benefit of daylight both in the morning and the evening, so it’s a little easier to see pedestrians. But it still pays to be cautious.

Remember the rules when following school buses — “When red lights flash,’’ stop. Don’t pass them from behind and don’t keep going when approaching when those red lights are flashing.

Let’s be careful on our roads this school season. Most accidents are avoidable by being aware of our surroundings.