Letters and comments for September 16, 2011

By Observer Upload September 16, 2011 07:21 pm
Letters and comments for September 16, 2011

Animals vs. people

To the Editor:

I am sick and tired of pacifying these small groups of people who think animals should have more rights to life than humans.

God made man in his image and gave him a brain so man could survive over the animals. How these few people can come along and say to h**l with man — we want to give animals rights above the rights of man. Worse yet, they don’t want them in the farms and backyards of people who are put in danger of losing their freedom, the worry for their lives and lives of animals that are the source of the income for their living.

If these small, overbearing groups would mind their own business, these people and animals wouldn’t have trouble.

If they want to see (and hear) these wild animals, let them go where these animals are and don’t include the rest of us in their dream. They have made a nightmare for us and these transplanted animals.

If they think it’s sad to see a dead wolf, they should see the sheep and cattle after a pack of wolves have viscously slaughtered them.

I can’t understand how our “smart” leaders have allowed these things to take place. It’s still costing a fortune to handle all that’s taken place — at a very hard time for us all — just to pacify the whim of a very few people. These few people aren’t paying taxpayers money, so why didn’t taxpayers have any say in the process?

B.G. Pannier