Letters and comments for October 14, 2011

By Observer Upload October 14, 2011 10:13 pm
Letters and comments for October 14, 2011

Questions unanswered

To the Editor:

Am I wrong to believe that our Union County commissioners should respond to their constituents when one or more citizens ask specific questions of these elected officials? One such written request was sent to them by Irene Gilbert on June 16, but no response has been sent.

Again, on Sept. 6, a letter with concerns and questions (signed by five citizens) was mailed to the commissioners. This particular letter referenced the previous letter by Irene, and once again no response has been forthcoming. What might be the problem?

The basic concern of these two letters is that our county planning director misinformed those involved with the Antelope Ridge wind factory about the county’s Goal 5 resource values as early as August 2009. These misrepresentations must be corrected.

We all know that Planning Director Jenkins has been reprimanded for inappropriate behavior concerning Antelope Ridge. Yet our commissioners continue to have Mr. Jenkins represent Union County on matters related to Antelope Ridge. We have asked for an explanation.

Facts have been presented and questions have been asked in these letters. None of this is very complicated or lengthy. No response from our commissioners is not an acceptable outcome. Union County residents deserve better.

Ray Randall