Letters and comments for October 18, 2011

By Observer Upload October 18, 2011 11:43 pm
Letters and comments for October 18, 2011

Stop killing wolves

To the Editor:

Dear ODFW,

Please stop killing the Imnaha wolves. We Northeast Oregonians love our native wildlife and are proud to have wolves back in our area. Some local livestock producers are resistant to learning to live with wolves, when for so long USDA Wildlife Services Agency has trapped, poisoned and gunned down hundreds of thousands of native carnivorous mammals so that ranchers no longer need to protect the animals that they breed, raise and slaughter for profit.

As humanity is evolving and people are making choices to protect and respect Mother Earth, our natural resources and our friends in the plant and animal kingdoms, the practice of killing our native wildlife for ranchers is overdue for re-evaluation.

As a Union County resident, Oregon-born local taxpayer, I urge you to reconsider your kill order on the Imnaha pack. This pack has been almost decimated already to appease the local anti-wolf ranchers, when the rest of the Oregon taxpayers (and not just Portlanders, but local residents too!) passionately oppose this method of management.

Last year the Imnaha pack consisted of 16 wolves. Since then, several have been “removed” for the ranchers, a few have dispersed to other areas and many are unaccounted for (poached?). Now the pack has only four wolves: two adults, one yearling and one pup.

I plead with you to evolve as an agency with the changing times, and become an agency that taxpayers pay to protect our beautiful state and native fish and wildlife, rather than merely “managing” for the convenience of livestock producers and hunters. The few cattle deaths that are due to wolves (less than 10 per year the last two years) are compensated in full to the ranchers who own them.

Brandy Cassandra


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