Letters and comments for October 21, 2011

By Observer Upload October 21, 2011 07:36 pm
Letters and comments for October 21, 2011

Keep bank open

To the Editor:

My wife, Cheryl, and I are relative newcomers to the city of Union. We believe in going to church, shopping, eating out and supporting local programs and activities in our local town of Union.

Community Bank’s slogan is “Local Money working for Local People.” This is the reason we chose to bank at Community Bank when we located to Union. We believe that by closing the bank in Union, Community Bank has lost focus on its slogan.

La Grande has two locations of the bank within one mile of each other. Consolidating these branches makes more business sense and results in more savings then closing its branch in Union, which is vital to the community. The closing of the branch in Union will have very negative impacts on the local business district of Union, citizens of Union and public facilities. The explanation Community Bank gives is “due to government regulations.” I believe this is an attempt to not take accountability for an upper management decision that

has negative impacts on the total community.

We would strongly encourage the bank to not close its Union branch. We strongly encourage the Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection Federal Deposit to deny Community Bank’s request to close the Union branch. I am sure that we are not alone in the continued support of all local businesses.

We will continue to support those who choose to sell their goods and services “locally.”

Leonard and Cheryl Flint



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