Letters and comments for October 24, 2011

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Letters and comments for October 24, 2011

Don’t blame the breed

To the Editor:

Regarding La Grande’s decision to ban Animal Enforcement’s dog used for training purposes from the La Grande school premises: The program that she was teaching was great and it obviously worked considering it saved a young third-grader’s life on Sept. 28.

Just because the training dog was a pit bull does not mean it is a bad dog. This dog has had extensive training and is a very sound dog. I’m sure if the animal control officer had any doubts about him she wouldn’t have brought the dog into the school and around young children.

I would like to know why everyone has to judge the breed. I mean let’s really think about this -— the animal that attacked the young third-grader was a German Shepherd mix. Does this mean our drug task force dogs are dangerous because most of them are German Shepherds? Or should we all fear police dogs, because of the breed of dogs they have chosen for their line of work?

No, they have all had extensive training also. There is no Oregon state ban on pit bulls or any other domesticated breed for that matter.

I have grown up around pit bulls and I have raised my children around them. Does this mean I’m a bad parent? No. It’s all in the way you raise your animal. I’m not saying there aren’t mean or bad dogs out there, but banning the animal control from the premises for her breed of choice is just not OK.

I have no doubts that the animal control officer is teaching for the good regardless of the breed of dog she uses for it.

Please let’s all support her for her amazing work in the community and just say thank you, instead of judging her.

Brandi Smith

La Grande

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