Letters and comments for October 26, 2011

By Observer Upload October 26, 2011 07:38 pm
Letters and comments for October 26, 2011

Be safe with dogs

To the Editor:

Congratulations to The Observer for the wonderful article featuring Lani Blaylock and her lessons of dog safety in the schools. Good job to brave Daxon Barnhart who listened. To be able to save the life of a child is such a great thing.

I would like to encourage grandparents to buy and send extra copies to their children and grandchildren as it is the most informative and concise article concerning safety around dogs. I sure am!

Good job to The Observer and Lani Blaylock.

Nell Locken

La Grande

Original nanny dogs

To the Editor:

I read the article in The Observer on Oct. 21 regarding the use of the pit bull Bomani for the class teaching kids how to be safe around dogs.

I was totally stunned by the ignorance shown by the officials of the La Grande School District on breeds; the slur on the professionalism of an animal control officer who deals with all types of breeds; and the rejection of a wonderful program that has proven itself by the documented incident of a young child who was attacked by a dog.

Would Mr. Glaze have been upset if a German Shepherd mix (such as the one that attacked the young child by Greenwood) were brought into the school? What about my lab who bit the nose of a pit bull who stuck her nose under my fence in an attempt to be friends? Come on, Mr. Glaze! Pit bulls are the original nanny dogs that watched over children before the punks decided to abuse them so they would fight. These dogs want to please their pack leader and will fight if that is what they are asked to do.

Do your research before you make decisions that destroy programs that benefit the children of our area. Shame on you!

Susan Mercer

La Grande


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