Letters and comments for November 2, 2011

By Observer Upload November 02, 2011 07:35 pm
Letters and comments for November 2, 2011

Glaze should remain children’s advocate

To the Editor:

You have published two or three pro-pitbull letters that criticize Mr. Glaze, so I’m hoping you take my letter also. I have one young relative just entering the La Grande school system and another on the way so, even though I don’t reside in La Grande, I have great interest in these kids’ safety.

I commend Mr. Glaze for his courageous decision against, from what I understand, is a continuing onslaught from pro-pit bull folks.

As a retired animal control officer I responded to vicious dog calls, interviewed dogbite victims and dog owners on a daily basis. I found that a glaring consistency overall is that dogs bred to highlight their fighting abilities and aggressive behaviors inflicted more serious wounds requiring hospitalizations.

Pit bull owners may try hard to overcome the inbred tendencies and many times succeed. Admittedly, all breeds bite, but these dogs were bred to maim and kill. Various jurisdictions here in the Northwest and across the nation have attempted to severely restrict or ban pit bulls and their owners are therefore well organized as the victims are not, so the mail you receive will appear overwhelmingly pro-pit bull. Your article appeared all over the pitbull advocates’ blogs and on Twitter, urging their members to target La Grande and Mr. Glaze.

I hope that Mr. Glaze can remain the children’s advocate under this barrage and that the dog safety classes will resume using a less controversial breed of dog. This is an extremely worthwhile program, and everyone involved in this should be recognized in their efforts to promote child safety.

Kathryn Lehnen

Crooked River Ranch