Letters and comments for November 8, 2011

By Observer Upload November 08, 2011 11:46 pm
Letters and comments for November 8, 2011

Nice little clique

To the Editor:

In your article dated Oct. 27 about the report of deficiencies in the Elgin Police Department, I see Chief Lynch is trying to justify his ineptness. I believe it was a very good accounting of the Elgin PD we had at that time.

In my personal opinion, I truly believe Chief Lynch and Mayor John Stover also have the blood of Mr. Richard Shafer on their hands. Well over two years ago, right after Erik Kilpatrick was hired, both the mayor and chief were getting several complaints monthly at city council meetings about Kilpatrick’s behavior — complaints of him drawing his gun on people, being overly aggressive, tasering, etc.

All of these complaints fell on deaf ears of the chief and mayor. Nothing was ever done about Kilpatrick’s unprofessional actions.

I also feel City Recorder Terri Richards was involved with some of the actions of the chief and mayor. I have seen Terri Richards intimidate councilors as Mayor Stover does if they don’t vote as the mayor or Richards think they should vote.

There was a nice little clique that developed between the mayor, chief and city recorder. The present city councilors need to end the dictatorship that has evolved.

Please be advised that these statements are my opinion, and the opinion of many Elgin residents.

John Thibodeau


Thanks, military 

To the Editor:

Thanksgiving season is here and like so many others, this year has been a challenge, but I have so much to be thankful for, especially to our heavenly father for sustaining me yet another year.

What an awesome God we serve.

I also want to thank all the military men and women for putting their lives on the line to protect and keep us safe and to the ones that are finally home — may you have a blessed Thanksgiving with family.

To the ones still over there, may God bless and keep you and bring you safely home in my prayers.

May each of you in our beautiful community have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

Janice Roberts

La Grande

Reverse trick or treat

To the Editor:

Here’s a wonderful Halloween story that made us laugh.

Monday night (Oct. 31), there was a knock on the door, trick-or-treaters. Joe opened the door and saw ... a door with a sign that said “knock.”

Joe knocked.

The door opened and three young gentlemen exclaimed, “Oh, what cool costumes!” One boy offered Joe candy from a plastic pumpkin.

We loved it. We don’t know the guys but thank them for making our Halloween one of the best!

Joe and I were thrilled by their sense of humor and kindness.

Joe Hamm and Glenis Harrison

La Grande