Letters and comments for November 9, 2011

By Observer Upload November 09, 2011 09:49 pm
Letters and comments for November 9, 2011

Glaze shows good judgment

To the Editor:

Larry Glaze was hired as our school superintendent by our elected school board. In doing so, they felt that his background, integrity, professionalism and most of all, his judgement, were of the highest quality.

I agree with their selection.

Mr. Glaze came upon a situation that he perceived as dangerous to our students. He took immediate action to correct the situation and I applaud him.

He cannot walk away from something he views as possibly harmful to our children. Mr. Glaze did his job! For doing his job, he is being called a “racist” and other character-assassinating names.

Was it a dangerous situation? I cannot say, as I was not present. Mr. Glaze was present and I trust his judgement. Thank you, Mr. Glaze, for doing your job!

Tim Jederberg

La Grande

Watch Walden

To the Editor:

I read with interest your article covering the Occupy La Grande march on Oct. 13, which accused our congressman Greg Walden of malfeasance. Not only is Walden part of the Republican Blockade of the jobs bill in the House, which includes timber jobs, but Walden is also voting to cut, reduce or eliminate Social Security and Medicare benefits for every senior citizen in his district, many of whom voted for him.

Whose side is The Observer on anyway?

Stuart Croghan

La Grande

Park rehabilitated

To the Editor:

This past summer an unfortunate incident caused considerable damage to a small park in Joseph that has been maintained many years by the local Rotary club. The park has now been rehabilitated, thanks to the efforts of several Rotarians and other community volunteers. The volunteer effort, however, reached beyond Wallowa County.

A few volunteers from the La Grande area gave us important support in our effort when Rex Taylor and his Grandescapes crew arrived with their equipment and installed an entire underground watering system at no cost to us. Anyone who has done any digging in the Joseph area knows that any digging beyond three inches is the ultimate rocky challenge.

Through the efforts of Jon Brewer, Max Wise and Matt St. Louis, all trenches for the system were dug by hand.

In addition to installing the system, Grandescapes donated all the pipe, sprinkler heads and other materials and devices for the project. Then Rex Taylor returned recently and winterized the system.

This contribution by Grandescapes and the men mentioned above is greatly appreciated by a lot of Joseph residents who enjoy the beauty of this little park on a daily basis.

Don Swart