Letters and comments for November 14, 2011

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Letters and comments for November 14, 2011

Glaze protects kids

To the Editor:

Larry Glaze has received emails from pit bull ambassadors from all over the U.S. and even Canada — some good, some disgusting.

I want to state facts and expert information.

1. Lani Blaylock was not asked to leave, but to only secure her pit bull away from the children.

2. The dog was not part of or necessary for the training and was brought only for the children to pet.

3. Blaylock has only had the dog since March.

4. She doesn’t know the dog’s background.

5. The dog has been abused.

You can go to DogsBite.org, which is a foundation that investigates and documents all fatal dog attacks on humans.

They show a chart of the 182 dog-caused deaths in the U.S. from 2005 to 2010. One-hundred-five of 58 percent of the deaths were from pit bulls, and 25 or 14 percent were from Rottweilers. That is 130 or 72 percent of deaths documented to these two breeds.

The sick, sorry thing is most of those killed were small children. The founder and president of the site, Colleen Lynn, said, “Those like Blaylock fall into the category of reckless for thinking her pit bull is safe in the immediate presence of kindergarten children.”

Lynn went on to say, “These pit bull ambassadors have two things in common. 1. The misguided notion that the genetics of this dog breed — hold and shake bite-style and relentless attack-style — are taught instead of hardwired through hundreds of years of selective breeding for these specific traits. 2. When liability comes knocking after a serious mauling, these groups have absolutely zero responsibility.”

Thank you, Larry Glaze, for your resolve to keep our precious children safe.

John C. Sprenger

La Grande

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