Letters and comments for November 16, 2011

By Observer Upload November 16, 2011 09:07 pm
Letters and comments for November 16, 2011

Vet will be missed

To the Editor:

It was a real shock when we discovered our long-time vet, Dr. Demczynsky, retired!

He was commonly known to his customers as Dr. D and will surely be missed. We for one don’t have any way to get our animals treated now if they get sick as the others want cash on the barrel and we are on disability.

We can no longer drive, we have to rely on our caregiver and if she is unavailable when we need a vet, then we are out of luck as the vet who will let us charge and pay off is in Baker City.

Dr. D can verify that we pay our bill each month when we had one.

My husband and I have health problems and our pets are therapy helpers for us. So I wish we could get our Dr. D back. I realized he needed to enjoy his retirement, but he and Julie will be missed by us and a lot of others, I’m sure.

Robin Morin


Keep kids safe

To the Editor:

I feel so strongly in support of Larry Glaze’s actions that I am compelled to write this letter, something I’ve not done before.

Larry has shown his ability to use good judgement in carrying out his responsibility and mandate to all citizens with children and grandchildren in the our school system. The debate over the breed of dog used is muted by the risk and liability of any breed let alone a known breed that can become aggressive and lethal. In my opinion any dog or critter can exhibit aggressive behavior — even a Chihuahua with an attitude can inflict serious damage to a child.

Enough about the dog. The program is excellent, but flawed in the risk category.

It seems to me that it can have a good ending by using a little common sense, which seems to be in short supply these days.

How about a muzzle on any creature being used for training that has potential for direct contact with students. Seems to me that a pit bull, German shepherd, poodle or many other breeds could serve as a tool for a productive learning experience.

It’s a win-win situation.

Come on, people, is this about dogs or the safety of our kids?

Richard Goodrick

La Grande