Letters and comments for November 17, 2011

By Observer Upload November 17, 2011 08:54 pm
Letters and comments for November 17, 2011

Get the facts

To the Editor:

This is a response to Stuart Croghan’s Nov. 9 letter.

Seriously, Stuart, I doubt the Observer accused Greg Walden of malfeasance when covering the Occupy La Grande march so maybe you meant the occupiers made that charge? In any case you’re the huckleberry who charged Congressman Walden of being a part of blockading jobs bills in the House. I suggest you get some facts. Like at http://walden.house.gov/jobsplan where you’ll find that the House has passed a whole plethora of bills that would help small businesses to expand and grow thus creating jobs. Those bills languish in the Democrat-controlled Senate while those extreme partisans play political games with our country’s economy and our lives.

What you won’t find there is any support for your absurd charge that Walden is voting to cut, reduce or eliminate Social Security and Medicare benefits for every senior citizen in his district. We seniors don’t scare so easily. We didn’t get this old by drinking the Kool-aid.

Bob Beck



Vet gives thanks

To the Editor:

I marched in the Veterans Day parade in my 1945 original Air Force uniform — yes, it was tight. While still in said uniform, with my wife and a cousin, we went to Denny’s for lunch.

As we finished, the waitress told us that our meal had been paid for by an appreciative customer. I asked if she could point out the person so that I could go and extend my thanks  and gratitude.

“Oh,” she said, “they have already left. They just saw you come in.”

So, to whoever you are, it is humbling to be so honored. I thank you so much.

Fred Hill

La Grande