Letters and comments for November 22, 2011

By Observer Upload November 22, 2011 10:34 pm
Letters and comments for November 22, 2011

Foothill rudeness

To the Editor:

I must take exception to Jeff Petersen’s article about Foothill Road in the Oct. 21 Observer. He really makes it sound idyllic. With all the people he named enjoying the scenic, almost abandoned road, he forgot one group: people who live there and drivers.

I’m sure they don’t consider the road abandoned.

Mr. Petersen, do you know the speed limit on the road?

Have you ever been traveling Foothill and come up behind bikers who are occupying the lane and do not move out of the way? I have. And because of the curves on Foothill, drivers can’t always safely pass.

Hikers have gone through closed gates and I’ve found them in the pasture with their loose dogs among the horses. They said they didn’t know that a fence and closed gate meant private property.

I no longer have stock on Foothill Road, but I have friends there. They have a long list of problems with people who come from town thinking Foothill Road is for their use alone.

These people are rude and destructive. I don’t know how many gates have been damaged and fences cut.

Then there was the biker coming down Glass Hill on a private road through a private pasture with his dog. The dog jumped through the brush and caused the bull we were trying to move to almost run us down. This biker whistled for his dog and fled as fast as he could manage.

Foothill Road is an active county road with a speed limit and traffic. If people continue to treat it as abandoned, the stage will be set for a serious accident. Please, Mr. Petersen, before praising one side, be sure you understand both, then maybe you can help them work together.

Eloise Stolsig


America pit bull

To the Editor:

Observer readers express outrage. Passionate letters to the editor caution readers about pit bulls’ physical characteristics and behaviors honed for guarding and attacking. Yet no one acknowledges that America is the consummate pit bull, bred and trained by corporate handlers to kill, disappear and maim people to garner profit for the 1 percent.

For decades, our pit bull nation has attacked people and governments around the world. Corporate media uses spun “news,” sports events and daytime TV to insulate citizens from the horrors of reality.  

Until recently American corporations kept most of us well fed and housed here at home.  But now jobs and wages are being cut, houses foreclosed on and health care becoming affordable. Our manpower is no longer needed since NAFTA opened up the world of cheap labor to U.S. companies. Even corporate killing is being taken over by unmanned drone missiles.

Like draft horses of another time, we are simply no longer needed. Rather than obsess over a dog in a classroom, follow Occupy Wall Street gatherings around the country on Link and Free Speech TV available on Dish Network. People are finally standing up to the top 1 percent weilding unregulated capitalism to destroy our democracy, economy, society and environment.

Many pit bulls are gentle, loyal protectors. As citizens, we must regain control of our government so that America can begin protecting rather than attacking people, democracies and the environment around the world. These times call, cry, scream, bark for meaningful outrage!

Mary McCracken

La Grande