The diary has been found

December 02, 2011 09:53 pm

Dear Diary,

I am so glad to have found you again. You got lost in the shuffle of things, and I couldn’t write my weekly thoughts in you, a real sad time.

Well, now here you are on the shelf again, and I have lots of things to tell you. I just hope your pages have room for all I want to relate.

It all goes back to the last week of September when I thought I had mislaid my diary in Ted’s office. Sometimes I carry you in my purse, which I shouldn’t have done. Anyway, when I got home I couldn’t find you even though I looked high and low. It was a rather depressing time and Daphne let folks know to keep an eye out for you. I guess that’s how they knew you were missing in the first place. Sometimes she speaks out for me when she shouldn’t, but what can you do? I really wanted to find you.

I’ve been amazed at the number of people who have asked whether or not I had found you yet. I have no idea why they were so interested in my loss since it is private and they can’t read what I put in it. It was nice, though, to know that so many folks were concerned about it. Sort of a community spirit, maybe.

What? You think someone’s been reading my diary? No, I didn’t let anyone read you. Oh, it was Daphne, you say? She let Glenn Rabinowitz read something to help acquaint him with everything since he’s the new editor of The Observer, come from California? No, I don’t think anyone else has read it other than the item about Old Town Daphne showed to Glenn.

You mean The Observer really did get a hold of it, all of the employees there?

Come to think of it, Glenn may have shared it with Jeff and Eden in the newsroom. I saw him talking rather suspiciously with Jeff as I was leaving, and Eden was close by. Come to think of it, there were a few other people in the newsroom just then, too, but they wouldn’t tell all they know. Or, would they?

Why was I there? Well, Ted suggested I see if the diary was in his old office, of course. Why else would I be there after resigning, except that I had made my point and could move on, he said. I did go into Glenn’s office to check there, too, though. The diary wasn’t there, but maybe he had it in his pocket and slipped it to Jeff after I left.

The newsroom wouldn’t have given the diary to the graphics designers, and they surely wouldn’t have given it to the press room. Golly, if it got that far, then the carriers and general public would have had access to it.

Well, at least everyone should know by now that Dory’s Diary is back on track.

Yes, you are right. It’s the fault of all those readers out there who keep trying to peek into my diary and I have to keep hiding my book from them.

Curious lot of folks.

Well, yes, I have to admit that I ended up finding you right here at home on the shelf where Daphne admitted she had put you. We can continue on as before now with page #111.

Oh, this will be fun again to let my thoughts roll out of my head onto paper. They were getting all boxed up and confused as to why I wouldn’t let them out. Now they can run free. I just hope they don’t get in a lot of devilment.

I will put you under lock and key, though, so no one can again see what I’m writing about. Only Daphne and I will have keys, so don’t worry about anyone else finding out our secrets.

Why would I be interested in reading Friday’s Local page Observer? Why the grin? I’m just an innocent bystander.

Veteran newspaperwoman Dorothy Swart Fleshman is a La Grande native.