Letters and comments for December 7, 2011

By Observer Upload December 07, 2011 08:45 pm
Letters and comments for December 7, 2011

Let economics decide

To the Editor:

In 1998, Gov. John Kitzhaber called on Oregonians to be good stewards of the land and to “envision the future of our landscape for generations yet to come.” (Jan. 27, 1998, Proclamation for Land Use Planning Month). He recognized that “Oregonians share a long-standing tradition of respect and reverence for the land; and the way in which we use our land profoundly affects the beauty and bounty of our state and the livability of our communities.”

How can the governor say this in 1998 and today support the extension of Renewable Energy Production Tax Credits (HR 3307, which serves to finance the expansion of industrial wind farms which are ruining the scenic beauty and livability of our state?

In 2010, tax expenditures for renewables were $8.2 billion. Natural economics, not tax credits, must determine the feasibility of a project.

Linda Bond

member of Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley,