Letters and comments for December 15, 2011

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Warren, Hills


Tried to help

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to a front page article in the weekend edition of The Observer regarding a missing woman last seen on Highway 203 at Peach Road.

On Nov. 24, I traveled from Union to La Grande. It was a cold, miserable day with very strong winds. Just down from Hawkins Road, on the Union side, I observed a person walking toward Union. I couldn’t understand how anyone could be out walking in that weather. I noticed that a pick-up driving toward Union had stopped and the car in front of me was turning around.

I assumed one of these vehicles would offer a ride or assistance and, hopefully, it would be accepted.

Roughly two hours later, I returned from La Grande and, to my surprise, this same person was still out walking now on the La Grande side of Hawkins Road. I did not stop as there was no safe place to pull over, and I also had my two grand-daughters with me. However, I did call law enforcement and was connected to the State Patrol.

I was then on the phone with State Patrol dispatch and local dispatch. State Patrol dispatch informed me that an officer had responded and that the subject had informed them they were just “out walking.”

I expressed concern that they had been out there for an extended period of time in the bad weather conditions. Local dispatch informed me that “this is America and people have the right to walk.”

I want the family to know that I called for help and assistance and none was given.

Nancy Warren



Walden does well

To the Editor:

Those folks a few days ago that complained about U.S. Rep. Greg Walden not being available, or whatever, consider this: Walden’s area assigned to him by the Constitution based on the number of people in his area is the largest in the state reaching from about The Dalles to the Utah-Nevada border and from the Pacific Ocean to the Idaho border. To drive it either way would consume a day.

Any other congressman in the state can drive the distance of the area they represent in an hour or so. Walden visits the state no doubt as often as his time in the Congress will allow and we need him there working for us more than driving up, down or across our state.

Get off his back. He does very well, I believe.

Roy Hills

Island City

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