Letters and comments for December 23, 2011

By Observer Upload December 23, 2011 05:13 pm
Letters and comments for December 23, 2011

Training needed

To the Editor:

The recent article in The Observer regarding Mayor Lindsley’s idea to promote vocational training for high school students that do not attend college or start college and drop out is a fantastic idea and long overdue for Union County.

As a previous employer, Omnitrac, we constantly struggled to hire qualified machinists, welders, welder fabricators and other trade-type employees. This vocational training program is desperately needed and would be a bonus to the city of Union.

It appears that the facility will be available in Union, but the big obstacle is funding wherein the state, county and school districts need to be a part of that solution. In addition, I would encourage regional businesses that would benefit from this trained workforce to also contribute.

Regarding the Eastern Promise program funding — a portion of these funds need to be distributed to vocational

education, why should it only be used for a college education? It is our tax money. Let’s distribute it fairly.

In conjunction with the valuable vocational training, these students would learn about safety dress code, such as steel-toed work shoes (not sneakers), coveralls, gloves, glasses, etc. along with a work ethic that has become a serious issue.

This program could service the tri-county area, not just Union County. Committed participation is the key to its success, which would require the communities to get behind this program. Just think about how many jobs could be

created if these young people were trained and ready to hit the job market after a two-year program, not to mention the employers that would benefit.

Education should be focused on a vocation as an option since the cost of a college education is becoming very expensive with no end in sight.

Let’s give this program a chance, it has great possibilities

Dennis Wilkinson