Letters and comments for December 26, 2011

By Observer Upload December 26, 2011 09:18 pm
Letters and comments for December 26, 2011

Walden accessible

To the Editor:

In a recent protest covered by The Observer on Dec. 7, Rep. Greg Walden was criticized for being inaccessible.

Walden made a commitment when he took office to visit each county in his district twice a year.

He has far exceeded this commitment. In fact, this year he has made 35 visits to five counties. He has two more scheduled for the end of the month.

Walden has been to Union County four times this year. Each of these meetings has been open to the public and has been advertised in advance.

I have attended several of these meetings over the past few years, and there has always been a question and answer period. Questions are from the heart, not “pre-approved” as was quoted in the article.

Town hall meetings with Sen. Wyden and Sen. Merkley have a lottery draw to ask questions. Each of them have committed to just one meeting each year per county.

Walden has supported over 21 jobs bills that have passed the House and are currently stalled in the Senate.

It’s difficult to create jobs when your bills aren’t even brought to the Senate floor for consideration or review.

In Greg Walden, we have a representative we can be proud of.

He is fighting every day to create an environment where small business can thrive, where manufacturing in the U.S. can compete worldwide, and where we as a nation can maximize domestic energy production.

I encourage everyone to visit Rep. Walden’s website at www.walden.house.gov to get the facts on bills and issues, as well as his contact information.

Chris Barreto