Letters and comments for December 27, 2011

By Observer Upload December 27, 2011 03:39 pm
Letters and comments for December 27, 2011

Obama wants tax hike

To the Editor:

Many people say President Obama is not very smart and is out of touch with the people. Believing this is very naive. He is accomplishing everything he needs to

create larger government, class envy and an economy forcing more to be dependent upon the government to supply their needs. All are necessary to build a totalitarian government.

The president wants increased revenues in order to support his ability to change government.

In order to gain these revenues, he is showing his brilliance with a two-pronged plan — one of which is certain to succeed.

At this time, he is arguing for a tax extension for the middle class with stipulations allowing him to veto the extension if attached to either the Keystone Pipeline or no increased tax on the so-called rich.

He will win at least one of the two.

If a bipartisan bill is passed with a tax extension linked to the Keystone Pipeline or without an increased taxation for the rich, Obama will veto it, saying that the Republicans want more to protect the rich than to support the middle class.

If the Republicans relent on increased taxes for the rich, the president wins on that issue.

Either way, Obama is going to get his tax increase. He will get it either from the rich or middle class, gaining more funds to support his large government agenda.

I believe these issues to be political and that the president only wants the tax extension to fail and be able to shift the blame. It would provide more taxation than hitting the so-called rich and make him look good to society. He has already gone on record as opposing the pipeline in order to appeal to his eco supporters.

Gene Erwin

La Grande